Just a couple of Bugs

First time posting in the forums so be gentle lol.

So far I like the overall look of Photon but what I don’t understand is why there is so much empty space? The inventory window for example - the top part of the window could be condensed so much! but that’s not what this post is about.

Was on Sisi yesterday and a friend invited me to a private converstaion only the “OK” button wouldn’t work:
OK doesn't work

Also when purchasing something from the market the buttons at the bottom overlap info in the purchas window:

And when I tried to enter an abyss too closs to an object there was no “X” to close the window so I had to leave it open and find a place to enter the abyss.

All in all I like where Photon is going so looking forward to seeing future updates.

Cheers everyone



Yeah, it seems like the bottom area width has been kept the same in many places while the buttons themselves have been replaced+enlarged, leading to situations like this

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Hello Donarim,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this forum post, it so helpful to hear peoples thoughts on the PhotonUI changes. You have brought some great points and we will definitely take these suggestions into consideration.

Regarding the issues you have found, it would be brilliant if you could send these in as bug reports using our in-game ‘Report A Bug’ feature. You can find ‘Report A Bug’ in the EVE Help window, you can access this window via the Neocom or by pressing F12.

Thank you again for this post,

CCP Possum o7

Overlap on the sell items

Overlap on the Agency

Also, with the new UI I cannot edit my Alliance’s chat MOTD. Only got a black screen…

I’ve also observed this overlap behavior when entering password secured chat channels. The password field appears on the left of the popup window and you can still enter the password; however, the password field appears maybe 10 characters wide. The remember password feature checkbox appears just below the password field on the left also but it will not check if clicked directly.

I’ve completed the career agent missions for the Enforcer agent, yet it still only shows the first one completed (1/10). I’m unable to engage the agent again and I think I’m missing out on 9 of the rewards. Any help would be most welcome. Thank you.

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