Photon UI = Oversized and Confusing

I will keep this Topic short but for perspective iv been back in game for 11 months and this roll out is right up there with selling ships for real life money. To be clear not equal but right up there. There being bio mass never come back. Thankfully you can Disable the horrible UI.

  1. Chat windows have no defining marks between chat and user list or any other part of the blob of a window, and mucking with Transparency slider does nothing to these windows to fix it. why ?

  2. all windows are bigger from chat to people and, the now separate locations window. To define bigger, the spacing for every box is now larger and even more spread out between fields. Again Why ?

for the above mentioned reasons I have and will recommend to every one to turn off Photon UI .

Not sure why you would want to make every window harder to navigate and, under even more clicks, just to get to the same thing. All while making Photon windows contain more empty space covering in space field of view. Are we trying to cover up the art teams good work here ?

In short I do not know how else to put this.
What ever Windows 10 and or 11 dev you employed please fire.

#CCP please ( or how ever it works ) stop making current and past experiences even harder just for the sake of making things harder. Add things that are harder. Example above as well as all these sub blueprints now needed to build anything is trash. It alone has shunned away a lot of people who would want to build. This is not clicking in stations. I know it’s less server load but if cash flow is that bad pull the plug. we want to be in space.

Memes are ok station spinner counter was a lot of lulz when it came out.


Why? Because Photon UI clearly shows, that it was made by people who not playing the game, thats why…

Anyway, where i can disable that stupid shining line that shows up on active window?

Is this game made for retards now?

The problem is - as i experienced CCP over the years - starting something - big ANOUNCEMENTs - then not finishing the whole thing… thats a shame…

To finish the Photon UI - there are more individual settings for each window needed to get the UX right.

  • Scaleable Content in each window independed to other windows
  • Resizeable Fonts not by size only. Spacing and Linespace are needed. Offer more Fonts with different characteristics.
  • Possibility to enable/disable certain informations in that Dialogs and Lists like the overview, where you can change column order and enable/disable them.
  • Remove the huge amount of space in the dialogs and windows. My probe scanner window does show now lesser lines than in the old UI with the same sizeing/placing - NOT a great Job CCP !

Removing seperation lines does not really help - now you need to take care of font size or content to differ between the headline and the first entry in a list…

The ultra slim scrollbar handle? Not that good to estimate how long a list ist - with an totaly worthless animation on hover… If the list does not need a scrollbar the content is taking that space - distracting eyes wich follow movement…

and my favorite … still since years the buttons on the dialog for missions. When you are pressing the button for accepting a mission, immediately on the same place the button for aborting a mission is apearing - its a real fun if your mouse microswitch or your finger performs more than one click - a shame that this is still in on a UI redesign.

and - get your keyboard handlers sorted. Opening the Locations dialog with “L” but not able to close it by another “L” as long as the window has still the focus ? WTF - hotkeys for for fleetbroadcast since years are not working 100% due to this issue … but playing around with new phonton ui ?

Please - finish all the things before you are over and over starting new things…

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