Photon UI visual feedback

From my perspective, my thoughts on this UI is stated below;

  • Too large font for the titles (even at small settings) I’m at 1440p, 100% UI scaling and small font while still thinking it’s annoyingly large.
  • Generally too dark
  • The dot-grid in background gotta go or be able to be turned off, at least make it look better
  • The title area has too much padding in general in-game windows
  • The cheap blurring behind the windows is pretty bad, gaussian or something like it would be smoother for the eyes, at least something less distinct or with the possibility to be altered
  • If multiple window’s open at a time, they kinda blend together. There’s no distinct edges unless focused, even then it’s for me not satisfactory.
  • The border visible while hovering over items should be a pixel or two thinner
  • Too much padding on tooltip windows popping up while hovering over items

In general, it kinda feels like a cheap Uplink kinda style. (The old game)


Adding to that:

The windows should have a colored background like in the current UI so that it is easier to differentiate between characters when you switch between clients. With the current UI it is relatively easy to see what char you go on based on the overall color theme of the UI (eg. I have blue UIs for my cynos, red for industry chars, yellow for main/combat chars). This is completely gone in Photon as it only has the tiny highlight bars that are not even visible most of the time because they annoyingly only show up on active windows. This makes client switching more frustrating than before.

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Added on top of that:

The lack of column lines reduces visual clarity in lists and it makes it much harder to find the point between columns to resize them.

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And more:

In the wallet, you cannot hide the entire bottom portion of the window any more because the collapse button between the cards at the top and the content area below. I have a char that has the wallet collapsed most of the time like this to save screen space.

With Photon, this compactness is gone, as it will always show a big portion of the area below. Quite ironic.

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