Some feedback about the Photon UI

It’s been a while since I first tried the Photon UI, last time I (and many others) gave feedback, mostly about how the older UI was much more compact.

Not anymore! I love what you did with the compact mode and how most UI elements are as information-dense as the in the old UI. Love it! :smiley:

Anyway, I have a few more points of feedback:

  1. ‘Light background’, I love that we can apply this see-through effect to most UI elements now and that it looks even better than in the old UI.
    Will we also get an option for the see-through light background for the Neocom?

  2. I never noticed this as much in the old UI (probably because the icons themselves there have much more contrast), but deselecting certain UI elements (such as ‘search’ or ‘route’) gives us rather visible squares that grab more attention than needed.
    Could this be changed to grab less attention?

  3. Many windows got the compact treatment to increase information density. Local chat is for many players also a UI element that could really use the same compact treatment. Right now, we see fewer names in that list than in the old UI due to increased spacing. Could chat get a compact mode?

  4. Two points for the overview:
    – The overview tabs have plenty of space to have their names written out (like they are in the old UI), yet in the new UI their names are cut short. Could the visible overview tab names be a bit longer?
    – In the old UI it’s a lot more clear which overview tab is selected. In the Photon UI there’s only a small line below the name of the currently selected tab. Could the selected overview tab be made a bit more clear?

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