First day of Photon UI

overall, it is a nice update to an aging game/UI.

some issues/annoyances

  • Every window now has a weird background noise that resembles the noise from old TVs. This is ugly, adds nothing beside unnecessary disturbance.

  • many UI buttons now overlap with text or other buttons. Margins/Paddings must have taken a sabbatical.

  • contrast between text/title and background is off. Elements that appear in a list view/table view are now cramped together. they feel more like being part of a paragraph than a tabulated UI component. (i.e the overview).

  • the current UI design by itself is not enough to give an overall refreshing look. slapping this UI on top of the aging 20 years old UI elements feels a little out of place. It’s like designing a modern contemporary house furnished with Victorian style furniture. It just feels weird.

having Proton override my zero transparency and disable light backgrounds is my major issue.

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