General Observations and Multiple Screens

Hi all,
As a noob since a few weeks, i’ve lived through the change to the new Photon UI and to be honest, though I know that it got a lot of flak to begin with, I quite like it.
However, I do have a request or suggestion about ‘readability’ or ‘visibility’:

The Overview window is fine but, when I Right Click to Jump / Dock / whatever, the new small window that pops out is the same background colour, same text colour etc. which means that it too easily blends into the underlying Overview window - in short, it’s confusing.
Wouldn’t it help if there was a different colour background ?
Something light / pastel / toned - some way to easily distinguish it and its information from the Overview underneath.
This is pretty much true of all the pop-up windows that overlie on the ‘parent’ window, but Overview, for me at least, is the worst culprit because if I need to Warp out of a situation fast, I need ‘READABILITY’ - and it isn’t there right now.

I believe that we can all agree that Screen Space is a premium, and the screen gets quickly cluttered up with windows all over the place.
I am constantly opening and closing windows to access information and then free up screen space after.
So, when I close a window and later reopen it, I want it to reappear exactly the same way as I last left it.
The Drone window, as an example, doesn’t do this:
I will have clicked the various triangles so that I don’t see what drones I have or what groups they are in, but when I hit a k/b shortcut to launch them, that’s all I want to see - their number and current status bars.
Great, I’ll close the window, or dock up, or whatever, and next time I come back, Lo and Behold, all those naughty triangles have run back to Mamma are now giving me a ton of info I don’t want !
I believe that this was not the case before Photon, that the window, and its little triangles, stayed EXACTLY as I had left it.
Did some one tweak that for the upgrade ?
If so, can I have the old one back please ?

Finally, there is soooo much information and associated windows that one can, or even should, have open that there is not much room left for the window to space - where it’s all happening.
There are many software programs out there that allow users to split information across multiple screens:
CAD programs, Photo or Video Editing programs etc. all offer the possibility to put their tools and other selection windows off the main screen so that one can clearly concentrate on the task in hand.
What’s stopping CCP from providing this ?

Thanks for reading, hoping that something may come of this…
Fly safe, y’all !!


Being able to use a secondary display just for info windows but not “space” could be super nice.


Yes, this would be ideal. I love being able to keep more info on my screen but all too often I’m looking at space through a peephole in my various windows. Just being able to put the overview and chat in a separate monitor would be fantastic.

I’m not sure how feasible this is with the game engine, however.

Maybe photon?

Technically, it is possible. You can extend the client to 2 screens but move the camera center point to the middle of one of the screens via ESC > Display and Graphics > Camera Center. That way, you can have all the action on screen one and windows and whatnot on screen two.

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