Some bugs and problems I found

Overall, new UI looks interesting and good to look at, but it’s not quite suitable for people with small monitors, such as laptops. Everything is too big for 1366x768 resolution that I use, for example.

Also, I’ve found some bugs.

  1. Transparency slider doesn’t work. Everything is black as night. It’s is a problem, as for my small screen I only see opened windows and my ship. Hard to navigate in space

  2. When I go to the settings and go back, all windows tend to unstick from autohide sidebar every time.

  3. Option to shrink down station services menu has disappeared.

P.S. These problems I encountered within 10 minutes in game. May found more later

Station services dialog box has moved and I can’t see the lock or unlock icons anymore (just an ‘i’).

I think this may be triggered by switching something on the display adapters, like when a large resolution cached preference is loaded but one of the two displays were unplugged so the display re-renders to fit only one screen which makes your UI have to move dialog boundaries and I think this is where things seem to break.
Have to rather revert back to the old UI as this is unplayable…

Looking forward to the next patch!

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