7 Photon UI Issues


These are main issue I’ve noticed with my setup

Vid showing the problems…

  1. Font size is still huge and inconsistent and some icons are ridiculously massive
  • for example chat windows, active ship, etc.
  • people do not want fat big font/icons and especially not random sizes all over the place
  1. Scrollbar is not at the edge in all windows I think, it’s interfering with other icons

  2. Show graph icon is under the edge of window

  3. Ship and items window gets randomly bugged, showing items or ships only in one collumn

  4. Sale window is bugged, input fileds are overlaying

  5. There is no “unlock” or any other button on the base station window when docked

  6. Proving grounds window is somewhat cutoff

A really like where this is heading, but I hope that in the end there is some nice compact mode with small unified font, not that one window has 5 sizes of fonts and the big one looks like it’s completely different font to the small one. These current font size differences are so jarring…


Number 5 is really annoying

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I also am dealing with #5 it only happens when you sell one item but it is quite annoying
Sell Menu Error

First time taking a look at this; number 1 to be a bit more on target. I keep people and places open for travel and missions. The icons for Add location, create folder and create sub folder are too big.
I suggest the following changes: + locations, Make folder, make sub folder. And reduce the font size to around 12 and make the button box smaller… Remove the Magnifying glass to the left of the search button and move search button to the left a bit. And make it smaller.
Not sure what it is called, the window that is in view when one is in a station. Move the station icon to the left and the description to the right of that. Place undock button and board my corvette next to one another with a small space between them.
Reduce the size of item icons by 10%.

End of transmission.

I’d like to add transparency only working with higher graphics settings. If you go to low settings all the windows turn solid black. I generally run low settings on my laptop to keep heat down, but just turning on Proton causes the fans to instantly spool up like the UI is using GPU resources…

To go with your #1 and massive icons… The huge unlock window icon that you can’t get to go away. I have a thin window for local and a few other chats. The huge icons in proton make it so I can only have one chat tab showing and have to use the drop down arrow if I need to change channel. Really the huge icons and window header text in general.

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