Ship hangar/item hangar not aligning items correctly with photon ui

So in short my items and ships are all aligned vertically no matter the size of my hangar window, if I resize the window it aligns correctly, but I have to do this every time I login. For me its actually a deal breaker with photon right now as I’m in and out of dock up so regularly.

Really like the direction the UI is going at the moment though, looks super clean and nice, keep it up guys!


I’ve been having this same issue as well.

A quick drag to expand then resize the box fixes it, but it’s kinda annoying to have to do that each time you dock up.


Does yours also hide the labels “Items” and “Ships” until you change the width of the station window? Mine does and it’s rather annoying


It does for me.
Even turned off the UI-scaling but that did no help either.
Photon UI sure is a great thing but this is the reason I currently don’t use it.
The hangar tab that was open when undocking is okay, (Ships/Items) the other one is in this strange alignment.



i dot the same problem.

yes i was just going say something about this. i have ones that do this others that dont ones do it in other areas whiles some dont.
so far not happy with it. would not recommend

This is a super annoying bug that needs a quick fix.

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Yaaaah, not gunna happen.

It’s been like this since Photon was released for trial a couple of months ago.

The same problem. It’s annoying

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