Photon UI inconsistent


Not sure if this was by design (aka: expected behavior). But there are a few inconsistencies I’ll mention, likely due to thumbnail sizing. Right now when you merge your station hanger/items with the station panel. When on the “Ships” tab, (based on my previous sizing), I have 2 items across, 5 down. Used to be 3 across and 6 down (that were visible).

Then when on the “Items” tab (with the same sizing as when viewing the “Ships” tab), you get 3 across (barely) and 5.25 items down. Used to be 3 across and 6 down, matching the “Ships” tab of the older UI. There’s an inconsistency in the thumbnail sizing with those two tabs alone with this “upgrade”.

Additionally, storage containers, while the left-hand column is in view you’d get 6 items across and 5 items visible down. Now it’s 5 across (again with same sizing I had initially) and only 4.25 down. So there’s something extra with this sizing / placement as well that doesn’t make sense to change.

I may provide more feedback later, but I don’t get paid for this and in 19 years, this is quite a frustrating “change” that I’m forced to acclimate to.

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