My Biggest Criticisms of Photon UI

I’ve been messing around in Photon for awhile now, and while I do enjoy the look of it, here are the things I can’t reconcile after several weeks of play.

  1. Dragging a vertical box (down to up) starts highlighting the next item up before my mouse has even left the selection box for the underneath item. Don’t know if that description makes sense, but there it is. Side to side works alright, but down to up is all wacky.

  2. The undock button is too small. I still routinely board my corvette on accident. I mean, corvettes are nice and all, but srsly that undock button needs to be twice the size and a different color.

  3. If I drag a selection box around a bunch of blueprints I absolutely cannot tell which blueprints are highlighted. I love the pale blue selection box, and it works great on everything except friggin’ blueprints.

  4. I love how on the overview you can hover over stations and whatnot to see their full name. But as someone who routinely uses the radial menu, that sucker needs to be on a layer in front of the names, otherwise you can’t see what the buttons are. (even if you have them memorized, which I do, because I am a good EVE, it’s still an annoying pain and maybe will lead to some embarrassing misclicks that might cost you, say, I don’t know, just for example, a Drekavac)

  5. The Agency window keeps defaulting back to the main screen whenever I open it, instead of whatever tab I just had up. I’m pretty sure this didn’t used to happen because I would have been this angry for my entire EVE career, and I’ve only felt this anger recently.

  6. There’s just a lot of wasted space. These close-the-window X’s aren’t even in the corner. My inventory items feel like they live far away from each other. I know it’s a space game, but for cryin’ out loud, people, let’s tighten it up a little! :slight_smile:

That’s all! Thanks!

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