Photon UI

I activated it a while ago, Ive been using it until toady. I really like it. There are some visual issues but I am sure they will be fixed, so I never reported anything about that, for example some input fields are 1 pixel high when sending mail or picking character to “deliver to”, however!..
I found somethiing that triggered a response. The shortcut button “L” use to bring a window with the bookmarks available in the current system either made by you or shared with you. Clean and simple. How it behaves now is that it brings a window with folders and bookmarks in the folders including one for the curent system, but IMHO the rest is unnecesery. I think the old behavior was better.
That’s all for now.
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Caption bars and button footers should be tightened up to reduce screen real estate, in the screenshot provided I have outlined wasted space.



Not sure if this is in the right place.

  1. I found the icons too small in the Selected Item window. If you had to find one and click on it in a hurry, you’d be in serious trouble.
  2. Didn’t like the the flipped vertical order of elements in the Probe Scanner window. Who puts controls at the bottom of a screen?
  3. Stellar map: The hot buttons were too dull/muted to find easily. I had to get out, increase my screen brightnes, go back in to find the icons (e.g., the “x” to close the window).
  4. The capacitor and the associated buttons (High/Mid/Low and scanner buttons) seemed slightly smaller. I could live with this as it frees up some screen space.

i am blind and play using text to voice and muscle memory after 14 years in EVE. this new UI does not work for me at all, i hope that we do not have a forced changeover. EVE classic UI for me please

I’ve opened a topic on a related issue todo with the L shortcut. I can find the link if you’re interested but TLDR was;

  • A different key combination should be used to open the window. Prehaps Alt+L as shortcuts that open other windows use Alt. Here are just a few examples:

    • Wallet ALT+W
    • Regional Market ALT+R,
    • Contacts (formally People and Places) Alt+E.
  • Beyond keeping the shortcut consistent with other windows, I found that the new default L is too easy to trigger and I regularly have the window poping up

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The text search boxes have no outline or contrast. Have to click around the window near the SEARCH bottom to find where to enter the text. Can the text entry fields be highlighted or have a contrast color?


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Been having issue with search boxes too.

The same lack of contrast also applies to chat channels.
I often miss the text input when dragging and item to chat. Takes a few tries to successfully share an item.

So much THIS.
All those padding around everything makes it feel like a hidden advertisement for buying larger screens.
I d also like the padding to th eleft n right to be way smaller.
Cant this be settable like “Paddding Pixels Vertical” and Padding Pixels Horizontal"?

Hi , I have been using photon IU since it came out, there were bugs like items in the hangar would not distribute through the hangar but be one in every row until you resize the hangar and other smaller things still don’t mind because it is in development. But I have stopped using it today because it disables my gameplay. I am a Faction warfare pilot of Amarr for 7 years or so and I do need my commands to work, especially since frigate PVP is the most competitive form of combat where small mistakes decide the winner. So, what is wrong? Since today’s downtime, I cannot get my frigate to be closer to other ships than 2100 meters. I have a griffin navy issue with blasters, I can tell it to approach to 0 or keep at range of 500 meters but it won’t get closer than 2100 meters. Even if I use MWD and try to accelerate to get closer ship will stop at mentioned range. Now griffin navy doesn`t have a range bonus for blaster so this new let’s call it feature takes away about 50% of my DPS, great. Photon UI disabled.

Mmkay, I’ve been using this since it was available. I don’t see how the visual changes are all that much different than classic EVE. In fact, I don’t see how backing away from the classic EVE look is advisable or will achieve anything.

Use? My inventories keep opening minimized to the toolbar. This means extra clicks. Improvement is fewer clicks, not more.

I’m going to change back to classic EVE now and see if I miss Photon. If I do, I’ll be back to say so. If you don’t hear from me again, I’m still using the classic.


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