Way to bulky overview. Please slim it down


If you look at the window setup of a professional PVP’er or even abyssal runners it’s extremely hard to fit everything on a screen while also being able to see everything.

The new UI, therefore, needs to go in the direction of being much more compact, not less.

Yesterday’s update to the overview made everything so bulky and big that it’s hard for me to fit the overview, drone window, and probe scanner. We don’t need that much empty space between rows. We don’t need an image of a hobgoblin in the drone window. Even if you’re a brand new player. If you’ve bought a Hobgoblin or any other type of drone. You know what it is from reading the name.
The overview also used to contain straight lines that make it easy to separate columns. Removing them makes it much harder for the eyes to separate columns.

Another thing that I’ve thought about that might save you a lot of DEV time.
It seems to me that a large portion of changes that you make and go live with are changes that if a veteran eve player could have a look at first he could spot the flaws with them right away.

Of course, you can’t make certain changes public but there are a lot of ideas that you could make public when they are at the Idea stage. Like the UI.
So why not publish the mockup of how you would want the UI to look when it is at the Idea stage? That would save tons of programming time because you could get lots of feedback before you actually program it and go live with it.

Not sure if you’ve tried those already, but many windows do have a ‘compact’ version.

That slims down the bulky interface a bit, but last time I tried I still preferred the even more compact size of the old UI, so I went back.

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