MY UI Nightmare :( (scaling and res)

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Hoping someone can help me. I have windows set to a specific resolution, I don’t want to make it smaller, it works for me and it’s very annoying if I have to change “windows” just to accomodate this game.

HOWEVER: I put eve in ‘windowed mode" for a million reasons, you set a resolution you like, and ANNOYINGLY no matter what I do (and this was NOT the case 4 years ago when I used to play) the moment you maximzie it to fit the screen in any way it "automatically’ changes the resolution to the windows resolution…thus shrinking the text to a TINY unreadable size.

You say “yes but change the UI”…the UI caps at 150% which is WAY too damned small still…I need at least 200 to even be able to read thigns without leaning forward…this is so frustrating…why the hell would you CAP ui scaling???

So…is there any workaround? Is there any 3rd party mod, or hack I can do to friggin make the UI the size I want it to be? Or force the game to LEAVE the damned resolution alone and let me resize? something…

it’s doubly frustrating because last time I played eve this was_not_ a problem at all…they actually went BACKWARDS ain their UI flexibility…wow

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Am i correct in assuming you have since upgraded to 4k capable hardware?

(Synnamon) #3

yes ok?

(Fluffy Moe) #4

I’m on a 2k monitor or 4k TV, depending which output I choose, and yea, its a bit rediculous how poorly the UI is set up at high resolutions. The scaling is horrible too, since you have to scale the entire UI and not just individual fields like in every half decent other game for at least half a decade now.

(Synnamon) #5

Yes, it’s shameful…company making this mmuch money with such awful UI problems

i take it there’s no mods or hacks out there to adjust this? :frowning:

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