UI scale/resolution size "windowed"

So…I really need to use windowed mode. The problem i’m h aving is…the resolution ‘forces’ itself to maximum which is like 3700x whatever my monitor is.

This wouldn’t be a problem if I could size the UI scale how I wanted to, but it “caps” at 150% (why why why???)…so the text is so small i can’t read it…and I can’t change the resolution because it’s automatically set based on the monitor size in windowed…to your computer setting…

is there any workaround?

See if there’s a config.ini or settings.ini file that lets you manually specify the screen resolution in:

c:\Users\YOU\AppData\CCP\EVE\c_eveonline_TQ_tranquility\settings\default_profile (or whatever profile you’ve set from the Launcher)

I’m at work so I can’t check exactly where, but I seem to remember a settings file that would let you change the screen resolution.

it doesnt’ matter what you set the resolution to in windowed it seems…the moment you ‘maximize’ or stretch the window it automatically changes

In that case create a support ticket to see maybe they have some config options that I don’t know about.

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