EVE Online in 4K Resolution (4096 x 2160)

Hi everyone. Is there a particular setup to run higher then 1080p and not have the game shrink the UI down to almost nothing? My computer is running at 4096 x 2160p as i use my 55 inch UHD TV as my Monitor. I have the UI Scaled up to 150% and the Font Size set at 13 in both Windowed and Fullscreen settings. Is there something I’m missing here? Thanks in advance for any help everyone!


far as i know there is no way to increase UI beyond 150% nor font size, last time i seen anything about this was about a year ago on the old forums.


CCP savior said

" I’m sorry to say that until 4k monitors become more wide spread, committing dev time to support hardware that only a very low percentage of our players have will be a hard sell to the powers that be. I will, again, voice my concern over 4k users and the UI scaling, but it might be a while before you guys see any work done on this. If you can convince a large enough group of people to go and buy 4k monitors, it would make my job easier getting support for it :slight_smile: "


Hi my screen is 3840x2160 but even with 150% scaling its very very hard to play with the UI being so tiny. I really wanted to try this game out but this is a deal breaker for me.

PS: if the devs dont want to make 4k support because of low 4k playerbase maybe have you considered that its because noone with a 4k monitor wants to play your game?

There is talk of a 64 bit client but no details yet. I expect that’s when we’ll see 4K support. I doubt they will invest the effort on the old 32 bit client. From a Dev post in a previous request for 4K support (can’t find it at the moment) I gather a lot of art assets will need to be refactored to go beyond 150% scaling.

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No and it sucks. I had to go back to playing at 2k exactly and precisely because of this. This is kinda sad, how far behind this game is in this area.

And even at 2k, its still seriously problematic because individual UI elements are not scalable and when you go 125 and 150% there is just no way to have everything correct on your screen. Its like to get 1 or 2 things right the otehrs become too big or too small.

Some of us play Skyrim, a game on which original graphics and performance is extremely down right horrible. yes I know, its apples and oranges, but just bringing it up as an example. We have been modding Skyrim for a long, long time, if you compare the detail on some of the bodies that came out after the game launched, with what we got now, its actually quite amazing.

So we plugged in 4k everything into a super outdated, messed up game as amateurs and hobbyists. Hell, nowadays there are even a few 8k texture sets you can use, if your game or rig won’t crash.

So if a couple amateurs / hobbyists can change the whole game, why can’t professionals ?

Once the tools are developed you just batch process all your textures and most of the meshes. Just need to go over them and make some corrections afterwards. One of my favorite modding tools is called bodyslide, google it just type in: skyrim bodyslide. What it does is lets you plug in any texture set you want, into any mesh then batch process all your outfits into it, for example in my Skyrim I have all the chicks running around in translucent bikinis, with full physics on all the important body parts and hair to boot.

So if I can do this there, why can’t these guys do it here ? And we’re talking only about UI, not changing the whole game. UI and fonts aren’t exactly texture or mesh intensive.

Any dev team that can’t accomplish what the amateurs and hobbyists did there need to just flat out ashamed of themselves. To be unable to modify even just the UI is to me inexcusable. As I said, it contains no meshes, and I’m not sure it even has any textures, jsut tables with different colored and transparency backgrounds and fonts. That’s it.

Lack of UI scaling has nothing to do with too much dev time or lack of resources, just lack of willingness. We’re not asking to change it, just make elements of it scalable.

Of course the screen is going to be tiny at 4k. Everything is tiny at 4k.

When you use the TV at monitor distances, nothing is wrong with EvE at 4k. I’ve played it that way for a couple years now. Stop using your “monitor” at tv distances.

on 4K screen you need 4 fullHD clients running or 3 p*** and 1 eve client … all in full HD :wink:

this is why i dont play anymore. cant play on a laptop, ■■■■■■■■

you 100% can play on a laptop… i played on a Dell 15R for months with 8 clients running. It was hotter than a stove top but it worked.


Did you use your Dell to fry your breakfast each morning?


i play on a laptop … no problem …

Then you do what every sensible person does and scale the resolution to 1920x1080, which is exactly half of 3840x2160 and thus does not have any double pixels.

You have literally NO excuses.

So why have CCP not changed UI to suit 4K monitor users yet. I read a post from the start of 2017 asking for such a feature… It’s embarrassing behavior from so called ‘devs’. It’s a basic request asking to keep your MMO in line with modern hardware and not penalizing people for having better hardware than the masses. Your MMO will be left in the dirt with that continued attitude.

They have. 250% scaling is active on the test server and will be part of the Into the Abyss expansion at the end of this month.

O really!?

Maybe my comment was a tad harsh then.

I still think a year in some peoples case is a long time to wait for such a feature. It’s just frustrating playing it at the moment, I can barely see my ISK.

Log into Singularity - test it and give them feedback. In typical Eve fashion, the maximum scaling you can use seems to depend on the size of your window - with a 2K monitor, I can’t go past 125% and with aging eyes it would be nice if the text in the market app was a bit bigger!

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