So I stopped playing in 2012 due to bad 4k support and tiny text and I come back today in 2017 and you still haven't addressed it?

Gotta say I am pretty disappointed. It was a small issue then. it’s a big issue now. Please look into it already. You can’t act like your game runs in 4k, then the text be impossible to read… That’s not a 4k game… That’s a 1080p game, that can’t be played in 4k. I can’t believe you guys have sat on this issue for so long. Is there a work around? Are you doing anything about it? I’d like to get back into this game but if I can’t read… I can’t play… Thank you.

There is a setting to make things bigger ya know.


Yeah man, there are all sorts of settings for UI and font scaling. Take a good look through your options and chat options

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One of the reasons given for removing Captains Quarters was to get rid of middleware that was blocking the creation of a 64 bit client - which implies that is the direction CCP is heading rather than patching 4K support into the existing client. I don’t imagine this is a top priority. Eve works fine in 2K and, if the 150% scaling the current client supports is insufficient, the 4K monitors can run at 2K resolution.

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:roll_eyes: Extra full stops to really drive home the telling off at CCP headquarters

Thank you but it doesn’t cut it at 4k. Still too small. Yes I know about the font 13 size and the larger UI. Both are active. It’s been a known about issue for like 5 years or more.

Not even sure how to reply to this but I’ll give it a go…lol
I know how to…
Read and play…
I have done what…
I am supposed to…
Still small text…

Works fine in 2k on small monitors. Once you start hitting a 60" screen, you start to loose fidelity at 2k. I’d prefer 4k. Text is still too small in 4k, even with all options on.
I get that it’s not a “top” priority but is it any kind of priority at all? lol…
It’s been a very log time and virtually every other game has figured this out. I just hope they are working toward it and from the sound if it, you imply they are. So that makes me happy. I hope they do get it worked out. I’ll stick with 2k until then. Thank you.

I don’t think CCP wants to abandon their MAC and Linux communities so the Eve client needs to maintain compatibility with the Wine wrapper. With version 2.x Wine supports 64 bit and DX11 on MacOS so upgrading the client is now an option. Whether it’s a priority is another matter but, at least they’re talking about it.

4K is not yet common enough to justify the required work to make Eve work better on those resolutions.

Given the effort CCP dedicates to the graphics of the game it seems they would go ahead and implement 4K support - especially since it will have to be done sooner or later.

OP: A dev responded to a 4k threads a couple of months ago. He said it wasn’t being worked on, but they were keeping an eye on it.

It’s a chicken/egg thing. I’d buy a 4K monitor now if Eve properly supported it.

Your screen size for the 4k is 60 inch TV?

Yep. 60".

hm… i was about to return to eve… But i get new hardware like everyone that play in 2017… Now i have a 4k screen and eve looks greate and shiny. Than i try to read something - dont work. I activate 150% scaling - still to small text. Now I’m sure - no Omegatime for me because i dont want to swap my resolution to HD again because i have a 4k screen and i pay for it and want to use it.

Now I’m sad because nearly every game have 4k support.

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