[PROPOSAL] Mouse Cursor Size Scaling

I use my 4k Ultra HD TV as my computer monitor. Eve graphics are awesome!
However, the mouse cursor is very tiny and light colored, so it is hard to see against some backgrounds (like if the camera is pointing toward a sun).

I have tried using UI Scaling, which adjusts the size of windows, fonts, etc. Everything EXCEPT the mouse cursor gets enlarged.

GMs have told me the mouse cursor size cannot be adjusted as it is hard-coded. We need a way to adjust the size of the mouse cursor. Either have it scale dynamically with the UI Scaling, or an adjustment in the Graphics Settings. I would also like to be able to change the color of the cursor to something that will stand out against most backgrounds, like bright orange or something.

As I am typing this, I see that others have similar complaints posted in General Issues and Player Features & Ideas. GM Sirius suggested I post it here for CSM review.



This occasionally helps to find it. ABout the UI when looking at a sun or light object, I always turn the camera as NOTHING will be visible, not sure why you like to see your mouse in the white haze as clicking something can be done with the object bar. But I support any visual improvement.

PS: They should make the UI 4k supported with all combined complaints, the mouse is just a small nuisance in the whole of the problems with 4k.

Thanks for that tip. I will give it a shot.

It just seems silly that all of the UI can be scaled except the cursor. Some of us “visually impaired” players need a little help. I also tried using “color blind” settings but that didn’t help either.

I’m not sure what “object bar” you are referring to. I am looking for the cursor so I can tell which side of the wide screen it is on, so I can move it to the window I want to select.

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Rest of UI is scaling fine on 65" 4K TV.
Mouse cursor is nearly invisible.

please scale the Mouse cursor with rest of UI

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I have the same problem - it was a real issue in fights with tons of bubbles, but they fixed that issue by fixing the way bubbles are rendered. But it’s still a concern when you’re at the sun, for example.

I will ask if this is still an unfixable issue.

I have the same problem. Is it really difficult to make three cursor sizes to increase 100, 200 and 300 percent?

Hi All,

I want to start by saying the EVE team is doing a great job but this nagging issue with the lack of in-game cursor scaling on high DPI monitors is sucking the fun out of playing this game. It may not be affecting people who play on old monitors but the purchasing trend is to buy 4K (UHD) displays and eventually something will have to be done. Other leading games have comprehensive UI scalling (including the cursor) so it doesn’t make sense that it’s imposible on EVE!

I also just tried EVE using the latest BETA version and sadly the cursor is still small to the point of being almost invisible no matter how much I freet with the UI scalling options.

Please, please give us a reasonably sized cursor!

You can use Cursor Node for a reasonable cursor while you wait for devs to become reasonable.

I would rather not use a 3rd party app to see the cursor. It’s not difficult to create a new cursor (10 mins tops), so I would rather that it be part of the game itself.

I run 3 x 4k monitors so I routinely have to run the cursor off of the game and on to another monitor to be able to find it and then slide it back into the game screen to be able to see it so that I can click on the appropriate item. Not really handy when you need to click really fast. I guess that’s why KB shortcuts are so popular?

Came to say this as well- it’s really bad on my 15" MacBook at 4k. Cursor is almost invisible on a good screen, not to mention one with sun shining or anything else.