[PROPOSAL] Mouse Cursor Size Scaling

/signed (and maybe change color on it as well) :smiley:

Same experience as mentioned by others, I am not subscribing/playing due to this.

The mouse cursor is such a fundamental part of using a computer that it gets totally overlooked by the devs.

Unfortunately the result is, those of us with high-DPI displays (an increasing number) can’t play the game :frowning:

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I constantly lose my cursor on 2 x 4k 32" monitors. I had to turn on the windows cntrl key function which highlights your cursor position in circles. Please enable a cursor over ride for a black cursor or something to that effect.

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With my current eye issues having the cursor scaling or resizing would be handy


Is there any plans to address players concerns with regards to the size of the cursor issue? It would seem that some players with 4K monitors would like to see some customization ability of the cursor as well as those with less than perfect vision.

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Any update with this mouse thing? Just got 2 x 4k monitors and the cursor is a little bitsy spec. I can see it but its hella annoying.

Still useless, sigh … Well it’s been 3½ years now, guess CCP just doesn’t care …

Still a thing :frowning:

Yeah, feels like an obvious thing to do. I lose my cursor all the time now that I use 4k and it’s just really annoying. Any other game I play that lets you scale the UI also lets you scale the cursor, this is the only one I’ve played where that’s not an option.