Hi, I have poor vision. How do I increase the mouse cursor size?

It’s too bloody small !!!

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I have poor vision too. I don’t think there is any way to increase the cursor size besides sitting closer to the TV. I’m 2 feet away and sometimes still need to squint. If I change the UI Scaling all the windows get too large but the content doesn’t change size. I set the Font Size to Large but the difference is minimal.
The only places where font makes a difference is in the social widows ( mail, Local, Corp… )
Looks like one requirement to play EvE is to have 20/20 vision… or sit literally glued to the tv.

bumped this into Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums – you likely would want to adjust the mouse size in your operating system as its not a feature today that I’m aware of.

I have done this, Drew, and it made no difference. Windows 11, up to date.

Aside from that no. The cursor is covered in so much spaghetti code, ccp wont touch it

I’m just linking this prior thread on the subject for the sake of the additional context and history as to how this was discussed or dealt with from 2017, spanning all the way up to 2023.