The in game mouse pointer size

I play on a 4k tv with a window size of 3840x2160. I am up there in years and as such my eye sight is not as good as it once was. I have seen it done in other game and I know you have a setting for text size so I am hopping you can add a setting for the size of the pointer. The pointer size at these setting is way to small and blends in with a lot of the background and when moving around the screen can be lost very easy. When trying to make quick actions choses it is hard when you have to keep stopping to finds the pointer. Is there any way a setting can be added to increase the size of the pointer to make it easier to see? A gm said to put it in here in the hope that the developers will see it and can help. I hope I put it in the right place.


I’ve seen this issue raised multiple times since around 2016. So far I’ve seen no workaround although some people have suggested using 3rd-party software like yolomouse. Sadly I’ve also never seen anyone actually say if any of those programs work.

I had a support ticket in and that is why I am in here now. GM’s can’t change the code so they sent me here in the hopes that a Dev will see it. But if the Dev never look in here then whey will never see it. As far as coding the size of the mouse it is no harder then that of the size of the text and they have that in the game now. I have seen this in a few other game and they had no problem fixing it. I am sure the gaming community my have was to work around the problem but until one of the Dev takes a look at the post and is willing to help out with the problem nothing will never change.

Well it looks like no one with any power to help with this problem is going to look at this post. To bad none of the developers come in here and read this. It was worth a try but another fail.

@Brisc_Rubal can explain again why its not easy to change it if you hadnt seen his explanation before

There is a years old post in here that requests the same thing. The mouse pointer is one of the oldest things in the game and it’s hard coded - it’s almost impossible to fix.

Trust me, I’ve asked for this over and over again. My eyes aren’t getting any younger.

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The size of the pointer seams to be dependent on the resolution on windows desktop rather then the in game resolution. If I set the desktop resolution to 1080p I get a reasonably sized pointer in game with the in game resolution set to a mighty 8K in my case. Hope this might help.