Tiny mouse pointer on a big screen

GM Vision told me to come here. My comms with [him/her] can be viewed at http://support.eveonline.com/hc/requests/2218572
I really don’t want to retype the whole conversation.
In short, my request is for some different user-selectable mouse pointers that can be seen on a 65" 4K TV. Losing the itty-bitty pointer during a skirmish can really make a difference between life and death. Most other games I’ve played in the past 30 years (I feel so old) had a collection of pointers to use, be it "X"s, "O"s, crosshairs, and such.
I know I’m not the only one playing EVEOL on a big screen TV. The views out into space are breathtaking. Having a pointer that can actually be seen would make ALOT of people very happy, not just me…
C’mon DEVs, see what you can do… Thanx…

Nobody else can see YOUR support ticket, it is private to you, that is why you have to authenticate to sign in. Try checking that link in incognito mode.

As far as I know this is something you can do by going to your computers Mouse/Pointer settings and changing the size of your mouse pointer icon in there. It is fairly straight forward once you get into the settings. As far as I know, Eve does not have a way to make your mouse bigger in the situation that you are talking about. I believe you can change the settings to also include a custom shape/sized pointer icon, which would in effect solve your issue. (I think)

Hopefully that helps!

In fact, changing the size of the mouse pointer in Windows settings has no effect on the pointer in EVE. This has been complained about many times.

From memory, there seems to be a consensus of opinion among commentators in the Forum that the code affecting this feature is as old as the game itself, and somewhat resistant to interference!

I’ve no doubt that, if could be done easily, CCP would have addressed it long ago, given the number of complaints and clear accessibility challenges it poses (for me, at least). Who knows? perhaps they have a surprise in store for us!

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Idk. You might need to check with Markee Dragon. I believe he has custom pointer? he uses in his videos that works if I remember correctly. And yaaaah haha. You are right. My pointer works outside of eve but once back in game, blah. My bad! =/

Thx for not yelling at me! =) Best of luck finding the answer with this one, I have no idea!! =P

The size of the pointer seams to be dependent on the resolution on windows desktop rather then the in game resolution. If I set the desktop resolution to 1080p I get a reasonably sized pointer in game with the in game resolution set to a mighty 8K in my case. Hope this might help.


That works, in WindowMode at least. Full version will cost a few bucks tho…