Customizable pointer, it's time CCP!

Dear CCP,

Over time monitor technology has progressed and enabled what at one time seemed like impossibly high definition images.

While you lot have done an exceptional job keeping up in the graphic department in a way that allows us players to utilize these high definition options there is one area that is in desperate need of attention.

I’m speaking of course of EVE’s mouse pointer. Once you pass 4k and higher resolution this little guy begins to literally disappear. It has come to my attention that some people with even higher resolution monitors than I feel forced into using 3rd party applications for their pointers.

Therefore I believe it is high time we had some in game pointer options. Just size scaling is an absolute must but hey why stop there. Size, color, opacity, symbol… knock yourselves out! The community will love it!

I have nothing but faith in you guys on this!


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Thanks Train, I was looking for that but somehow didn’t see it, too early I guess lol.

Was suggested multiple times, but we were told the mouse pointer is “hardcoded” into the game engine and cannot be changed. At least no one at CCP seems to know how.

Maybe time for a remake? :rofl: UnrealEngine™ can be licensed and I’ve heard they even offer great support with importing all existing graphics and models :slight_smile:

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