[PROPOSAL] Mouse Cursor Size Scaling

Just like to refresh this, it REALLY is a problem not being able to see the mouse in bright backgrounds when using a 4k monitor, this has been ongoing for a long time now, can you not do something to sort this.

its simple. give me the option to increase cursor size or change it for visibility or i have to stop playing. a lot of us are older and have vision issues, plus the new exciting beautification of EVE is making the cursor harder to find on screen. please give us options SOON.

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All these years and this still has not been fixed? Come on!

Can’t believe this is not fixed yet. Please!

Hey me too, I quit playing a year ago… Came back and still isn’t fixed, show’s what you really think of us dweebs and our needs.

Us old farts that have been playing the game for 20 years need a bugger cursor to match our cataracts! :nerd_face:


Cursor size is a real problem on higher resolutions; i’m another returning player who had hoped this would be sorted by now but no change :smiling_face_with_tear:

Pretty please do something about it, is a real strain on eyes.


I have the same problem. But I’ve found out that the browser version does scale the mouse cursor and works in any OS, even Linux. And any machine too (within reason). If you have DSL or above, you should try it. :sunny:

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Jesus wept tears of blood.

For five years people have been asking for the ability to change the size of the cursor. CCP has been going through the back end of EVE and redoing pretty much everything.

Completely new UI.

They should take some of the extra $5 a month per sub and pay an intern for a week’s work to scale the cursor. It can’t be that hard. They already have people banging over the damn code.


The cursor, as I noted years ago, is hard coded into the game. Yes, it’s that hard to change, or they’d have already done it.

I’ve had this issue on my list for five years now.

Maybe they should completely convert the client into the UnrealEngine™, probably easier than scaling a mouse cursor. And could solve some performance issues. :slight_smile:

there are in fact third party mouse adjustment programs. however they only work in open space and not inside any windows