Eve Online with 4K

I have bought 4K monitors. I can scale the UI, so i dont need magnifying glasses to fit my ship ect.
BUT the curser is so tiny. It should be possible to scale the curser too.

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Theyve went round and round with csm over the mouse, its deeply entwined with spaghetti code.


Yeah, I made a post that includes pictures about this roughly a year and a half ago. UI should be decoupled from 3d video resolution. This is probably most likely accomplished with a UI overlay.

In that post, I was having the opposite issue as you are: playing with lower resolution which also made all my UI elements cover my screen obnoxiously.

By decoupling, you could make use of the feature in your situation as well: by scaling up the UI elements so your text and mouse can be usable.

To get past the old code, all the current UI could be hidden, and the overlay (including the mouse) could be layered on top.

yeah well, they could invent a “bandaid” solution" by just programming a new cursor module that overlays the old one if they can’t disable/change it. You won’t see the difference because the new Cursor Model could simply always be bigger or have the same size as the old one (Scale Options only 100%+). It’s not FineArt, but it would work.

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Youve commented in the same thread im sharing this from

Which the part you responded to was how its so hard coded they cant do anything about it

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