Window Mode resolution glitch

I am using a monitor setuo for 3 clients in eve
2 Identical 27inch 4k monitors set to 2560x1440 and a single 34inch Ultra Wide screen set at 3440x1440
I have them all set at the same vertical resolution to make things easy to move across
When using eve in Window Mode 2 monitors (one of the 27in and the widescreen manage to almost correctly detect the resolution for windows mode at 2560x1417 and 3440x1369 for windows mode in full screen
However the third (identical to the othe 27inch 4k monitor running at the same 2560x1440) seesm to have issues and is defaulting to 1707x937 window sixe with no option to change it.
Is there a way to force it to the same as the other one which at around 2560x1417 in window mode as its really annoying and loses a lot of creeen real estate. I even changed the cables over but no joy

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