Multiple display issue with alt+tab


I have two displays. My main is the laptop display (1366x768) and another (extended) display connected with HDMI (1920x1080). I want to play the game from the larger display while using other side for internet or whatever. I can set the game to run on the larger display by chosing 2nd display adapter from game options (this is the only way i found out how to make this work). However, as the game runs on the 2nd display and I alt+tab or chose a program from main display EVE sort of doesn’t want to open on the 2nd display anymroe. I can bring it up only on my primary display, with all f*d up resolution and scale. I have to spend half a minute or minute to set it back up.

Is there a way to reliably make EVE run on secondary display without popping on the primary one?

I hope this post is not too confusing…


Run EVE in windowed mode and just drag it to your big monitor where you can then maximize the client to fill the entire monitor.

You seem suspiciously upbeat and helpful, @ISD_Sakimura. Are you new here?

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Fullscreening from windowed still brings it back to the old display.

I tried to change up primary and secondary display, but that also has no effect.

I run my EVE in windowed mode, just abit annoying that there isn’t an option for “borderless” windowed mode :pleading_face:

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in windowed mode my fps drops to 25fps from regular 50 :smiley:

Do not Fullscreen it; you click the “maximize window” in the upper right corner of the client

So there is no way of bringing EVE back to fullscreen on display from which it was minimized? There must be a way, plenty of people must be playing with multiple displays…

It should; PCs sometimes have a will of it’s own, no-matter how much we might want to do things, it just sometime scream “Oh! you want to do that; HELL NO!!”

EVE isn’t the only game that does or can have trouble returning to normal after a minimized state. Hence why I use Windowed Mode

There are lots of people doing that, I am one of them. I run my clients in window mode though because Fullscreen causes lots of issue as you are finding out. It does this with many of the games I play.

Most game does have a graphic option called “Fullscreen (Windowed)”, which in EVE would just be it’s “windowed mode” with no borders. Sadly that option is not available.

Do you mean me or OP? I would call myself a veteran player, I’ve been playing EVE since '09 and been with ISD for 1½ year.

Most of the ISD’s have been worn down by having to read through hundreds and thousands of acrimonious rants between “Rorquals in Highsec” players and “1337 Highsec Venture Killaz” people.

Sounds like you might want to try “Fixed Window” mode. That’s what I use. No borders, No alt tabbing required, and Eve stays up if I switch focus to another program.

Oh, I’m sure many a ISD has gotten tired of our sh1t, but I haven’t seen any of them lose their cool yet. So, you know what that means…

Challenge Accepted.

Has it’s own flaws/drawbacks

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