Need workaround help pls

I just got my Samsung crg9 49” monitor. I’ve manage to set it up in two screen mode, kind of like a multi monitor setup without bezel borders.

Off the bat eve looks fantastic on a single screen mode… 49” wide is a LOT of space to Open every single window you want and still have a big screen to see what ur ship is doing.

I run at least two omega clients at the same time when I was using a single 27” monitor. Obviously, that requires a lot of alt tabbing to make sure no one ganks my orca while it’s busy.
Now that I have this enormous screen, I no longer have to alt tab. I can run both clients side by side and I can see everything all at once.

My problem. When I batch launch eve it opens both clients on just one side of the screen (eg screen 1), and the only way I can see both is to run them in “windowed” mode and drag the other client to the other side of the screen. I can only run one client in full screen mode using “fixed window” mode on settings. When I try to do the same with the other client, that screen moves back to screen 1 overlapping the client that’s already in fixed window mode…is there a way to run two clients if full screen mode using this setup?

Step one:
create a new settings profile.
Hit the cog next to the character name, then under profiles hit manage profile. copy a profile. close that window.

then select your new profile.

When you start the account it’ll have different setting from your other account. So you set one for fixed window with one adapter, and one with the other.

I’m out of my home now. Will do that and keep you posted. Hope this works. Only good reason why I got this thing besides it looking good on my desk…

Do I need dual vid cards? I followed ur instructions but can only get 1 side on full screen mode . When I try to do the other client on full screen … the client moves to screen 1 where the other client is already running in full screen mode. On the display setting tab I changed the adapter client 1 to gtx 1070 1 and client 2 to gtx 1070 2… again this pc has only one 1070gtx installed. When I do that I can full screen both but one screen disappears when I move the curser from screen 1 to screen 2

What else can I do? Help pls… thanks

Also I’m using an hdmi cable and a display port cable if this info even helps

You need to use the ‘fixed window’ option.

Once the two clients are running with different setting profiles selected for each, you can set one as fixed window with adaptor 1, and one as fixed window with adaptor 2. You should have an adaptor showing up for each attached screen.

This is not using full screen. It has to be fixed window. (which uses the full screen, but allows for input on other screens, not locking you into the one screen.)

Ok that I think I can do… I was trying for full screen …thanks

I think one way, probably not the best way, to achieve waht you want is to VM on your “2nd monitor”

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