Slightly different dual screening question

I am using Eve Online on a dual monitor setup, one being a 22 inch the other a 27 inch, and I want to specifically use one monitor for one account and the other monitor for the other account. It is a pain in the ass having to keep moving the windows around depending on which one closed first. Is there any way to set up the game client with different install folders or similar for the different accounts so that the clients open on the correct monitors?

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I think there is a way to get different accounts on different screens by giving each of them a separate profile, then launching them, and adding the preferred screen in the graphic settings. (I only read about it, never done it myself - I might be completely off about this, but:)

You can set client profiles via the little cogwheel on the right in the launcher:

If you search for that, Iā€™m sure you can find a guide or support article about it somewhere.

Thanks. That is just what I needed.

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