Launcher - separate profile for two chars on same account?

Unless I’m misreading it, profiles are able to have different settings per character? So, say I want my miner char to log on on second screen, so i can play and keep an eye on other stuff, but my PvE char to log on to main screen, is that possible with them on the same account?


Once created two profiles, you have to switch the profile in launcher before starting one account.

Yup, but that’s by account, the support page says:

“The profile management tool allows users to create custom profiles for each account or character.”

Maybe that is just ambiguous.


Each character has some own settings like chat-window position and size, overviewsettings etc. KeyBindings are each account and profile and which monitor will be used and resolution only profile/account too.

You have for each profile and server one folder, with one setting each account and one setting each character. So you have to switch profile before start if you like change monitors for one account and different chars.

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Take a look at Eve-O Preview, it does exactly what you want per character, I couldn’t live without it these days.

Yes, I took a look at that, unless I’ve missed something, it’s a great tool to switch between running clients, but it doesnt’ store by character if they’re on the same account?

It does store by character. Once you load the character after the selection screen it will move the window to whereever you had it before.

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This :slight_smile:

@Halcyon_Nirvana Hmm… I can’t get that to work. I have two screens (two different resolutions) they show as two display adapters in eve. I’m running fixed window. Switching the display adapter by character doesn’t seem to save?

Is there a specific eve-o preview setting I should use? I have track client locations and unique layout ticked…


It might be the fixed window, it could prevent the app from changing the location/size of the window; try changing it to normal window. If that doesn’t work, not sure what to tell you…it all works by default for me, didn’t have to change any settings and I run 9 accounts with it right now.

I’ll give it a go - thanks for the help!

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