These quality of life changes would be nice

It would be nice if the game remembered which monitor an account was launched on last.

It would be nice if the game numbered monitors the same way Windows numbers monitors.

Not rocket science but great quality of life.

The first concern is already addressed. Use the profiles in the launcher. I have my two accounts each load up on their own screens as soon as I hit the launch button.

Not sure about the monitor numbers, I haven’t checked against my setup(it has 4 monitors).

You say this is already addressed but this is not an obvious or easy to use feature. Make it explicit and therefore easy to understand. This kind of stuff needs to be mostly automatic, not hidden.

Right now all of my accounts launch on the same monitor, every single day, which is not a great experience. Then I need to remember how EVE is different from Windows and pick the right number. Garbage nonsense which can be easily avoided by just remembering the monitor the client was launched on.

I guess the visibility or ease of use could be addressed. The reason it doesn’t currently “remember” the windows settings is there is a single default profile for all of your accounts. It IS remembering the window placement and that is saved in the default profile. If you want different settings per account then you need to setup different profiles for each one.

Here is how you go about setting that stuff up.

Needing a guide is exactly the problem. This kind of stuff should be easy to do and not get in the way of playing the game.

But quality of life doesn’t matter when people give you money regardless.

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