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With the new launcher, there doesn’t appear to be any feedback showing which accounts are active.

Can we have active accounts highlighted or get a different icon after I click on the “play” button?

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We have that on one of our lists, but won’t have that out to beta before the holidays. The startup queue should have the same awareness, of your running clients, as the green text that appeared in user lists in older versions of the UI.

So if you attempt starting the same account a second time, you should receive a notification in the UI stating: Client startup for {username} was skipped, as a client for this user is already running.

I came to see if there was a feedback thread for the new launcher, and this is exactly the reason. Telling me that “1 account has been added to queue” is great, except for the fact that I can’t look at the launcher and know which account that is. The old launcher had the play/stop button, as well as the highlighting. Thanks @CCP_Avalon

Also while we’re on the topic - any chance we can put notes next to the account name on the launcher somehow? So we can note which characters are on which account. That would be a huge QOL improvement.

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Are there any news on restoring the auto-update functionality for the launcher so that you don’t have to close it to trigger the update process for the client?


Thanks so much! Have a nice holiday, bud.

One more thing I forgot to mention. The old launcher had Eve time on it. It was always helpful to have some sort of clock showing what time it is in game. Could we add that, too? Thanks for all y’all do.

Where is the Option to switch the design ? … your new distribution is sub_optimal if I want to keep a civilzed tone

Clock is missing like Consigned Shipping wrote
… and send your programmers for courses how to preserve data … its annoying to enter all accounts again

A real joke is the client settings option … it defaults to “default” - but when I finally rename “default” to free the name and rename my current settings to “default” - suddenly i get the missing option to select between the various client settings saved for this account

Though you put a “remember account” option … it still shows the pin-needle … but its not working … either remove or bring old functionality back and make it work again

Will discuss it with the designers.

We have removed the option to switch between layouts. The necessity for layouts in the previous design spawned largely from multiple accounts being very crowded in the default option (accounts on top, news & ads on bottom). In the beta design the user list spans the entire height of the content between logo & buttons.

As a clarification, are you referring to profiles? We’re aware of an issue in 6.0.6 where it wouldn’t load available profiles from the backend. It’s something we’ll look into patching today.

The description you provided is unclear to me. Would this statement be accurate? You’ve ticked the “remember account” box, the pin is showing, but when you restart the launcher the accounts have been removed.

Additional questions:

  • Was the launcher closed down properly, task/process killed, or did it crash?
  • Windows or Mac?
  • If the accounts were removed even though they had the pin icon displayed, after restarting the launcher, have you filed a bug report with the launcher logs attached?
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To clarify on the “pin” thingy …

Yes … I ticked “remember account” in the client options … then found the pin needle - but its kinda greyed out. In memory of the old launcher I clicked the needle to make it blue - but the beta launcher doesnt provide “feedback” - so it would be neat if the pin needle is blue like in the regular launcher to keep behaviour consistent.

On the design … you have to be either joking or crazy … ALL clients share less than 1 / 10th of the launcher window while the remaining 90% share useless space for advertizement (rough assumption 30 to 40% … another 10 % for news . So the IMPORTANT stuff = my clients and NEWS receive mere 20% of the space - useless junk receive twice that … and a huge part of the window concerns with “itself” which to me makes it “too much space for useless stuff” . Bring back the designs so I can give the important stuff MORE room

And yes I referred to client profiles … I tried to make it load “my profile” - which didnt work as intended - then I renamed the “default” to free the “default” name and renamed “my profile” to “default” - and suddenly the beta launcher presented to me a simple selection (using radio buttons) which profile to use … so the functionality is there … only “misteriously hidden”

A pin icon is now only displayed for accounts that should be remembered by the launcher. The pin icon is no longer a button, and the ability to toggle the feature is now stored in the options button.

Given that there’s only one advertisement slot in the beta launcher, at most the advertisement can have 33% of the content space (same as user list). Expanding the launcher displays additional news items.

Thank you, we’re aware of an issue in version 6.0.6 of the beta, where the UI wouldn’t load available profiles from the backend. It’s something we’ll look into patching later today.

With today’s patch to 6.0.7 / 1440768 / 1434482 … I can’t start ANY client with the beta launcher … What did you break this time ?
Patch ran through flawlessly … Then the only thing I see “Added 1 client to the launch queue” - Unfortunately the launcher never gets to work on this queue…

Break? Working as intended, no?

The issue was caused by an update to one of the launcher UI’s dependencies. We deployed version 6.0.7-hotfix to the beta yesterday, after receiving reports of the matter.

Thanks … launcher works again as intended

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