Devblog: New Launcher Changes Coming!


(CCP Falcon) #1

Take a look at this dev blog for more information on some substantial launcher changes that are coming in the next few weeks, and how you can be a part of testing them!

Read all about it here!

Is there a way to go back to the old launcher?
(ISD Sakimura) #2

I don’t see the option for the “Enable launcher UI debug logs” in the settings of the launcher; not that I really need it right now but would still nice if were actually there if you’re requested to enable it.

First one in! :smile:

(CCP Claymore) #3


Are you using the Launcher Settings along the bottom, or from the E menu in top right?

(ISD Sakimura) #4

Apparently I wasn’t clicking on the correct “:gear:”, lol :blush:

(Bananaboat Blues) #5

Yey more time spent making a launcher instead of putting resources into actual gameplay development & balance :frowning:

(Mintoko) #6

Different teams, different tasks.

(CCP Claymore) #7

Thank you

(ISD Sakimura) #8

If memory serves me, “Team Five O” that did some balance passes in the past.

(Do Little) #9

It works - first time I’ve been able to turn on hardware rendering in a while!

  • Pins should turn blue when pinning is active.
  • Closing the settings window should have an OK button - X implies “don’t save”

(LordOdysseus) #10

Do I have to relog all my accounts?


When we update the Release branch of the launcher with the new code, we will migrate all accounts you have pinned over to the new launcher. If they are not pinned, we have nothing to migrate for you and you must log in anyway.

that’s good to hear.

(CCP Avalon) #11

We have changed the thumbtack icon in such a way that it is no longer a button. It is now only visible for accounts that have “remember account” enabled.

We can discuss some sort of visual feedback, to indicate when settings are saved (on change).

(Doctor Awox) #12

So these launcher groups, do they come with their own overview settings/client settings? So let’s say i want to launch account a b and c with my default settings, but in another group i want to launch a b and c with other settings.

Would that be possible?

(Salt Foambreaker) #13

Cool, made some groups, logged in, everything works, no settings lost.

Like the groups feature.

EDIT: One thing, the ads are so front and center you can’t see the new art. In fact the ads are more front and center than my accounts. So -1 for over zealous advertising.

(Odinegras) #14

Get back to the drawing board. This shouldn’t be released as is its not the correct direction or a big enough iteration

Why aren’t you adding Valkyrie to the launcher? Along with any other ccp project. You should migrate to make this a ccp launcher not just a eve launcher?

So many features you could add but aren’t.

It’s not the 90s anymore fellas

(Nazzarus) #15

I’m not sure of best implementation, but the launcher could be a method.

I’d like to request a means to have customizable graphics on a per character, or possibly per launch group setting (Instead of strictly via profiles). so attaching a profile to a launch group.

Logging in accounts 1 -3 and 5 for mining in potato mode
Logging in accounts 2 and 4 (different characters) for exploration in best quality
Logging in accounts 1, 3, and 6 for fleet fight in potato, then account 4 in best quality for video capture.

(Odinegras) #16

This is a great idea but I’d prefer it on the character screen

(CCP Avalon) #17

We continued setting profiles only on user basis, so in this iteration at least we do not support launch groups overwriting the profile selection.

(Chloe Pellion) #18

Please let use define a custom name for our accounts that we can display instead of RandomUserName1 - 42

(Doctor Awox) #19

It would be great if a later iteration could include this, as well as launching directly-to-character, the game already supports it.

(ISD Sakimura) #20

News Items become hidden when resizing the launcher down to it very minimum size; should you not be able to scroll through the items in such a case when not all items is shown?