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The new launcher looks good, but make it easier to sort accounts please. Dragging accounts around is slow and annoying if you need to drag an account from the bottom of the list upwards. Where did my launcher groups go? And why arent chars auto seeded? I also hope you fixed the issue where you had to delete your cookies if you had to many accounts added. Maybe highlight the account RED when the skill queue is empty? Saves you sending mails.

Yes we have!

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I must be missing something here, but how do I order/sort the Launcher Groups? Maybe sort the pick list where you can select the launcher group?

Tip @CCP_Avalon : When you select an account from the list for the launcher group, keep the focus on that account. It saves me scrolling when you pick the next account.

Thanks for the feedback. I would like to point out that both are searchable fields :slight_smile:

If you know what you’re looking for (i.e. user / character name for launch groups), you can start typing as soon as you’ve selected the field to narrow down the options.

When making launch groups, if you’re wanting it to start up characters, you don’t have to start by picking the username, you can go directly to picking a character, and it will auto-fill the user for it as well.

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