Launcher drag and drop ordering

In the launcher I get the grab hand over the account names, but the names cannot actually be reordered.

Pinning/Unpining has no effect.

Windows 8.1

Yes they can, there is a small delay, click and hold then move. I just tested it on my launcher to be sure and it does indeed work.

Thanks, I was just too quick.

For anyone else reading this, you can’t move your “click” at all until the name bar changes colour, then they can be dragged.

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unfortunatly the new launcher shows the same stupid behaivior as the old one…

it do NOT start the accounts in order of arrangement but in order of adding it to the launcher
why is that little feature so hard to implement?

The order is meaningless if it does not have an impact on the launch order. Please make the order listed in the launcher the order the clients are started in.

I do confirm the same observation, namely that I sometimes seem to incur a delay that might induce me to think that I can’t drag the accounts as intended if I didn’t know otherwise (wow, I lost myself halfway through that carefully constructed statement… maybe I should try a lawyer career?).
But I would suggest not to suggest that You are applying to the “Works on my machine” certification program :wink:, though I would not suggest to use such a crafty wording as I did… 'cause it sucks :stuck_out_tongue:
PS: don’t take me seriously!

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