New Launcher Character Poasitions

On the old Launcher the position of the characters avatar would chnage based on last login, so the character that just logged off would be 1st in the list and the character logged off longest would be 3rd in the list.

The new launcher doesnt seem to have that and if you have lots of accounts it is useful as a tool to remember who was logged on last and who you want to log on next, especially when doing large PI resets etc

can that funtionality please be introduced into the new launcher please (or is it already possible and i am just missing something )


You just drag them to the order you want them in the list.

The old launcher didn’t have characters in the first place, you could only see accounts. However, in the new launcher, characters are sorted completely arbitrarily and unintuitively in the account rows. They don’t follow the slightest hint of a pattern or rational logic and you cannot drag them around in a more convenient order either.

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i can drag the account but not the characters, but in the old launcher you saw the characters once you start logging in and they are listed in order of logged on most recent to last and it did that automatically, no dragging involved. That is not the case in the new launcher

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The beta from a month ago was fine. Why did they ruin it? OH I forgot, this is CCP.

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