The character select screen is annoying

Ok, something I find really annoying with the character select screen is how the characters are rearranged to put the most recently selected one on the left. Why not just have them in the order they were created?



Absolutely agree, sort them by age, by skillpoints, by name, whatever. Or let us select a preferred order by dragging them around. But that auto-arrangring is just meh.


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Custom arrangement is the best.

Skilpoints, most recently used, age, etc.

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If only they were always ordered in the order of most recently used. I have one account where the most recently used character always stays in second spot and only very irregularly shows up in first spot.

I’ve been using the new launcher as it will select the character for you on login. Granted, using logoff to select another character without the client closing, I’m used to the characters swapping around, but I do agree for muscle memory it would be nice to not have them change order.

This is decidely in the category of pedantic who cares nonsense.

Not really, if you have ever wanted to log in a desperately needed char in the heat of a laggy fleetfight and just one just-too-fast mouseclick that was done while the screen is still black but is counted nonetheless by the client like 3 seconds later and hit the “wrong char” because that one was logged in a day earlier and swapped position with the one you need right now - it hurts. For simply no good reason, having each char one one fixed or selectable slot is clearly the superior solution.

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Its obviously too hard to fix

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