Logout to character screen

So, I have multiple characters on the same account and often swap between them. I think it would be nice to have an option where we could return directly to the character selection screen rather than closing the game every time we want to swap out. Of course this is more a matter of convenience than anything and should never take priority over more important things such as bug fixes or future expansion content. I suggest that if this idea is taken up by the devs that it be a project that’s worked on after everything else has been taken care of.

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I’m sure that if it could have been done in the 15 years this game has been in alpha, it would have been done by now.

But damn if it wouldn’t be great.

Lol ccp has said over and over that they cant code this in.

But I’m sure 3rd year CS kids could.

But yeah maybe since ccp doesnt own eve anymore PA may be able to greet some Korean coders to figure it out

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This is not possible in the current state of the authentication system, your auth token is good for a single login process and to get another token you have to revert back to the launcher

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This I understand. I thought about it when I was making the post and wondered if maybe the token could be augmented to work until you close the game, making it possible to go back to the character screen but still keeping the token system.

it isn’t because the communication from client to server is not encrypted, your token travels through the internet in plain text so it must be invalidated as soon a connection attempt is made

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I see, so the inconvenience is for security, I find that to be a very reasonable trade, thank you for the information

Character selection is not inherently tied to the act of logging in. I can switch ships without a relog or even jump to a different clone. I’m confident the game could be modified to allow switching to another character on the same account without first ending the session entirely.

I’m really surprised game companies and their shills don’t try this excuse more often, as it seems to work astonishingly well… “That is not possible!”

Usually all this means is “we don’t think this would be worth the required effort” - which is a valid reason not to do something, but rarely the way it is stated.

Speaking of convenience, I think that items added to the cargohold from outside the fitting window should be saved in the fitting like anything else, for example if I throw an anti-matter charge and an MTU in my simulated ship’s cargohold, only the anti-matter charge is saved and can be fitted to the ship, I think it should save both items and include both in the fitting

jumping clones and switching ships are just ingame session changes the act of login another character is a entirely different thing, I’m not a specialist in how the TQ cluster works but for what I can see your once you select a character your character ID is tied to that specific socket because it is easier to synchronize across all nodes and don’t generate uncessessary lookup overhead… so once you are connected as a character the login server will tie that connection to your toon and synchronize across the cluster that info, after that TQ have no clue what is your username or any other information about your account… and as I explained early, to change to another character you need a new token and the only way to securely get one is going back to the launcher.

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Sure, the change would probably be a difficult one to make given the game’s implementation, or it would have happened by now I suspect. But nothing you have speculated here proves it’s not possible - only that it’s probably difficult. There isn’t a halting problem type of barrier here… hell I’ve played other MMOs that take you back to character selection screen on “logout” (not back to the login screen).

That. No one (no software company in the world) will waste several man-years to cover a very minor use case.

Just imagine, different MMOs have different communication protocols, different server architecture and even different codebase.

Oh, sorry, didn’t realize you work at CCP and have a full knowledge on EVE client and server codebase, so you can measure how hard it is to do

PA does not own Eve, CCP does. PA owns CCP. This is not the same thing. If it were, it could be said that for the last several years, CCP didn’t own Eve, the investors did.

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If I just bought my dog and my dog came with a collar she always wore.

That collar is mine now just like the bitch is to

If you dont think a company’s board of directors or investors have a say in the direction of their property than you are ignorant and probably a child.



Except that Eve is not the property of PA. Plus, both sides have stated repeatedly that CCP will continue to operate as they always have.

Also, typing in all caps does not stress your point. It only stresses that you have no point, as does calling someone a child, which I’m not.

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Nah, George Lucas did that long ago with the special edition of A New Hope, and the “prequels to the sequels” of the late 90’s and early 00’s

Keep in mind that CCP removed the option to have a static background while docked in station because it added too much effort to their QA cycle (RIP a nice feature that reduced computer load while docked); also the quality of the new chat system. It is quite easy to overestimate the ability of CCP to implement anything at all.

I think you need to reread my posts…

I mostly agree with you, in terms of whether this change is worth the effort if it cannot be achieved relatively easily (given the game’s architecture).

I simply pointed out that it is clearly possible to accomplish this change, since other games have demonstrated such. My knowledge of the EVE code base is quite irrelevant in this deduction. I have made no specific claims of what would be required to make this possible.

It is correct to say that such a change would probably require more effort than it’s worth (or it would have happened by now).

It is not correct to say that such a change cannot happen.

I think that you’re underestimating the uniqueness of Tranquility. It’s not about you and 20 characters in your instance, it’s about you and 30,000 characters online in a single instance.

What’s easier, moving from back to front in a bus or moving from north goal to south goal in a stadium full with 30,000 people? What makes you think that both tasks are even remotely related in terms of complexity when you must account for the position of each and every person?