Switch characters without restart?

Its pretty terrible players still have to completely leave the game to switch to their alt or get to the charactor selection screen. this is just incompetent. Comon CCP…


This is done for some technical reasons (legacy code).

However waaaay back in the youth of Eve (a long time before the launcher) you could logout to the character selection screen.

(actually I am now doubting my own memory, was it to character selection? or just back to log on? the client definitely did not have to be shut down though)

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You could never switch character while staying in the client. Back then we had a cool launcher (with amazing music I might add, another thing that was “improved” away).


Not to forget the animation!

I loved the old ways of logging in. Zen like in simplicity.

Back then there were no launcher at all - you had log-in screen when you launched client and ability to log out without closing client, that option was available for some time even when launcher was first introduced (you were able still launch client directly and play as long as it was updated). Eventually they took that ability away (around Rubicon iirc) :pouting_cat:

The DEVs have stated in a CSM discussion (many moons ago) that it would take “5 programmers 6 months of work to save players 10 seconds.”

The server assumes the clientID will not change, since when they built the game, there were no “alts” or people with 40 accounts etc.

So it was a separate screen to log in to your account that then would start the actual game. Like… a launcher.

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technically not, because it was the same executable. Thats like saying that character select screen now is not a client but a launcher.



got his in my thread in Player Features & Ideas


Interesting idea from a “competent” pirat…

Nope it was part of the client, if you want to see this screen you still can (I don’t think it works anymore though)

On the launcher, click the “E” top right next to the “-” and the “X”

Click on the first option which should be “Server list”

You should get a new popup that shows which servers you have added to the laucher (Always TQ and maybe Singularity / Duality)

On the right of that window there will be a “Play on TQ” button, click that …

That starts the client with the old log on screen.

at best it won’t work and at worse it might mess up your client.


It’s a little offtopic, but I really miss the old login, even now. The music was just awesome. And I loved the new player intro.

They dropped those impressions, to free up resources for things that literally all went to dust. It’s such a shame…



to quote CCP that told us years ago why we cant have character switching

“it would take a handful of devs 6 months for a 15 sec advantage.”

later they go and make additions to the industry window because of 1 guy at eve vegas crying how it takes him too much time on his 100 industry accounts to tell what job is done.

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