Simple UI Request: Switch Characters In-Game

If this is already a feature which I’m not aware of, I apologize in advance.

Every time I want to switch between one of the characters on my account, I need to log off, and then log back in and select another character. I would like it if you could access the character select/creator screen in-game without having to log off and back on again. Maybe add this to the settings, the neocom, or character sheet?

Unfortunately the way that the game is programmed it does not allow for returning to the character selection screen (switching character).

This feature have been requested multiple times, and it does seem odd (given the common standard in MMORPGs these days) that such a feature is not available but that’s just how it is, but do not forget that EVE is among the very first MMO(RPG) of the genre.

I keep hearing this excuse that it just can’t be done because of technical limitations. That’s ridiculous. They designed an in-house engine, which they can make any alterations to that they would like. The more honest answer would be that CCP does not wish to devote the resources to making those changes. That is a perfectly reasonable answer to that question, design decisions are theirs to make, but don’t push this line that it’s not technically possible. They are constantly making changes to the engine, and even entirely redesigning the engine, as is the case with the Trinity 2 Engine, which was released in December 2007(old, but not what I would call ancient in terms of game engines).

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Basically the amount of work it would require to save you 2 seconds is not worth it, especially when they can use the same dev-time to fix or improve more urgent things.

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