QoL: log off to character selection

Can we get the option to log off to character selection screen instead of closing the client entirely, please? It’s 2019 ffs, why we still have to close the game to be able to log into different character on the same account? I know we had that option before.

This has only been brought up … uh …
… *counts fingers*
… uuuuhhhh …
… *starts counting in binary*

… *starts counting overflow flags*

… *_ ten hours later*_ …
… 2398247958374873945 times!

Uh … we did?


We didn’t.

Unfortunately the way eve works makes it impossible.

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To fill in a little detail:

It’s not impossibe. But it’s a significant amount of work to make sure that the assumption made during development, that the character ID wouldn’t change, didn’t cause any problems.
That it wasn’t cached anywhere.

Actual code changes would likely be relatively minimal. But there’s a lot of work to validate that. Around 6 months for a team, if I remember the stated value a while ago.

For a change which would just be of minor benefit.

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Let me get this straight, something what a user can do with a sequence of clicks can’t be automated whitin less than 6 month?


  1. Logoff
  2. Restart client
  3. Select char

If the “Restart client” step fears the developers of leaving any cached IDs behind, then I’m wondering why they are not afraid right now where people doing this everytime manually?

because when you close client you free all the used ram. In case of direct character select those bits and pieces of leftover data from other character may affect new one. Simple as that.

:cry: This kind of thread really makes me sad. To see that CCP considers stuff like this “too hard.” Can there be a stronger indication that CCP has given up?

Considering this has been asked for for all the time I’ve been playing, you may want to reconsider that.

And not “too hard”. “Not worth the time investment”

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CCP used to have a bunch of side projects that were always more important. What do they have now?

What am I supposed to reconsider, exactly?

Theres an auth issue there.

The client gets a one time use login token from the launcher. It can’t reuse that to log in again.

And really, you think saving a single click is worth the time investment?

You may wish to reconsider whining about ccp deciding theres more important places in eve tonspend development time, than saving people a single click.


Wow. Just wow. You are the players’ representative?

At least it would be SOMETHING useful to invest. I don’t see any relevant new development in the last year at all.

I’m asking that again, what is CCP development actually doing the last months? Do they work on EvE? Something big top secret to be revealed soon?

Without any roadmap, communication or visible effort being put into the game it’s hard to accept again and again that things are too complicated.

Representative doesnt mean “parrot everything they say”

This has come up dozens of times over the years. The answer had always been the same. .

You dont see, say, a 64 bit client as relevant?
Or shareable bookmarks? ( alliance bookmarks have been asked for, for a long time too)

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The first one is relevant, but as confirmed by a dev, it’s just a recompile. We didn’t get a new client!

The ACL bookmarks indeed I see as wasted effort and a stupid idea, especially because the new solution will have less functionality than the old.

You might want to reconsider coming onto the forums and telling people to stop whining. What you call “whining” is also called “feedback” and sometimes even “suggestions.” If people stopped whining then the only posts would be in the Character Bazaar.

The funny thing about the ACL bookmarks is that everybody told CCP that they needed to trade escalations - as soon as CCP asked for feedback - and CCP replied that it was “too hard.”

It was at first. And the responses were in kind.

But it has become closer to whining since. The suggestion has come up before and it’s not as straightforward to do as some would have you believe. CCP had bigger fish to fry then and still do now.


I remember when CCP introduced the digital readout on the HUD, years ago. That is something you can turn on that shows the percentage of shields, armor, structure. I remember when it first came out we were all, like, where is the capacitor readout? We used to have a thread dedicated to a list of known QOL requests and that one was always high on the list. I left Eve for 7 years and came back - surely, I thought, CCP will have implemented a capacitor readout by now . . . what could be easier than that?? No. They haven’t.

Are we all just supposed to give up on CCP? If they fail to implement a feature are we supposed to remain silent forever? CCP has completely redesigned the launcher and it is much better than it was before. Why shouldn’t we suggest that it could be even better?

To have a CSM representative come on here and tell us to shut up and that it would take a team six months to implement this change . . . I mean, surely we are not expected to take that seriously? Six months?? A team??