🔴 Log Off to Character Selection screen implemented

Patch Notes For 2020-06-23.1

Features & Changes

User Interface:

  • Players can now log out to the Character Selection screen instead of exiting the game when changing characters.

One of the most requested QOL changes in the last decade of EVE has finally been implemented. After all these years of hearing how hard it would be, how big the development hurdles are we can finally log off to the character selection screen.

And CCP lets this momentous occasion slide without a dev blog giving them free positive press. Nothing but a simple Patch Notes line for this gargantuan work. It is painful how one can let such an opportunity slide. Whoever the dev and dev team were that made this possible should feel proud of their work and for fulfilling a longstanding request of the community.

You can access this feature either via the EVE Task Menu at the bottom (“Log Off”), you can set a short cut for this, and it’s also in the ESC menu as Log Off button.


Yeah, the whole gaming industry will make a huge fuzz about CCP implementing a button that allows someone to switch characters without closing the game. Yes, CCP will totally want all that attention. It’s totally not actually embarrassing for them. Not at all. :roll_eyes:

Anyone NOT an EVE player would be laughing about this.



Probably. Return to Menu features are a thing in almost all the games. It is quit disappointing that it took CCP so long to introduce such a basic feature as well. Hence, it would be nice why it took them so long.

CCP keeps doing more embarrassing stuff all the time (see Invasions). I very much doubt that this would break their neck.

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Good thing this not about them, then. People NOT an EVE player won’t know or care about it as they are, by definition, not playing EVE.

For those that do play the game…

I’m happy with the change as a manufacturer that is constantly switching between characters on the same acct. As well, there are plenty of other professions where this will come in really handy.

Well done, CCP.


how does this help when you only have one char?

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Now only to add the red dot on/off toggle button. Maybe after next 15 years. :joy:


17 year old game is going to last another 15 years? what you smoking?

Eve outlasting Bitcoin, could happen

Better late than never!

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Well, Hilmar said EVE is forever. So for them this 15 years untill they add that button will be like a blink of an eye. :wink:

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Many people say many things but those things are more for the moment and a specific audience at that moment, like politicans, duplicity, keep the milk flowing

For many years people also said the world was flat.
For just as many years, people said Earth was the center of the solar system.

Now, for those damnable red-dots…


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Such a shame this button does nothing when I press it.

(Bug submitted, naturally.)

I’m glad for the news, but shouldn’t it be a return of the feature?

I know I’ve been around a while, and maybe this clone got rattled a bit, but I could have sworn that early in my space career, exiting to the character select screen was already a thing that was later removed.

Is this clone in need of cerebral tune-up?

–Gadget Clone # 62378

It has been on Sisi for a while. But if you have several accounts it’s pretty useless tbh.

If the character selection screen aggregated all of them in one place then I would be jumping for joy. Well actually no, I’d probably say “nice” and move on, but that would be a proper QOL improvement IMO.

:red_circle: I do not know if it has been a thing in the very distant past. It definitely has not been a thing since 2011 when I started.

It depends on how you use your accounts. I have one account with 2 chars on it that I use in different areas of space. At times I have to quickly switch between the chars for industry work or to check some things with agents. It also works nicely with cyno characters in different logistics chain mid points on the same account.

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What if it took them years of preparing underlying code, changing of database structures and a zillion of low level changes to allow for this.

If you can do so much better, where is YOUR mmo? I’m sure it’s amazing.

You’re welcome.

Annd back to 0 points, just like that.


Nope, not in the last decade at least, and likely not before that.

you’re probably remembering when the logout button restarted the client and dropped you back onto the login page. But it was still a full client restart.

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