Centralized account

I have always played on multiple account before, but decided to pick a new route where I moved my best characters to one account, to insted use one account to play on for restrictive reasons. Now this has a few flaws that would be nice if they were addressed.

  1. To be able to activate a common wallet inbetween your characters on the same account. As having to send isk inbetween alts just feels like a “stupid” thing, that I have to do.

  2. Perhaps… but not to sure about this one, as there’s always the option to have a corporate hangar. But for a shared storage to exist, that can be setup outside of corporate hangars at the same station.
    This could also be used for friends wanting to share something and give them access etc… Not beeing in the same corp.

  3. A better client that doesn’t force me to shutdown the game and relaunch everytime I want to switch a character. This seems to cause a lot of issues for me, as I do not have a highend pc and it drains my pc. So after sometime I have to reboot.

Something like how it works in WoW, you logout and you get into the character selection screen.

Characters that work together should share the same consequences/affiliation. Eve is a game of meaningful choices. So 1 and 2 are corp wallet and corp hangars. Doing stuff under the radar takes extra steps.

Number 3 is a long asked for feature with hurdles so deep in the code that ccp say it’s just not worth it. Something something… it will kill us all…


Could you explain this further, cause I’m not making much sense out of it.
Are you saying that there is no consequences having this or is there?
Does this somehow remove meaningful choices?
and by what do you mean “doing stuff under the radar.”?

You can already share hangars and a wallet by being in a corp.

You want to do it without being in the same corp. So without sharing the same banner and without sharing the same wardecs. This is less of a meaningful choice.

And by under the radar i mean sharing assets between alts without showing the affiliation between them.

And you can already share hangars and a wallet without being in a corp. The only thing OP’s proposal does is remove the need to log in with one character, send the ISK/item to the other, log off, and log on with the second character. No meaningful choice is removed, only the need for tedious character/account switching in a game that requires a full log off and restart to switch characters.

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For me example I have all my alts in the same corp. But we also have a ton of other members. So sharing a hangar is compromising and would be demanding on management to ask for a private section of a corp wallet and hangar. Just for me and my alts. So in that sens it’s not less of a meaningful choice. Just optimized. Also alliances and corps have the means to track account activity.

And that under the radar, wouldn’t that be a legit way for people to bribe spies etc, that would create content and context. Without doing so through alts etc?

You understood me perfectly.

Being in a particular corp is a meaningful choice. Hence why he wants this feature without all his chars being in the same corp.

If that’s an issue, you could jsut add a feature that let’s people know that this character has “shared wallet and a privatehangar by association with… xxx”

But, again, you don’t have to be in a corp to do the transfers he’s talking about. You just have to keep logging on/off and restarting the EVE client to move assets between characters.

And the wardecs?

How about we just increase hangar numbers or allow chars within a corp a ‘shared hangar’ that is activated by common access rights.

Pretty much anything that keeps things in corp is a million times better than further devaluing one of the most important game features.

Then do that…

But that’s just really damn stupid that I have to do that, don’t you think?

Could you explain how this would affect wardecs?

Yes, because “I don’t want to have to keep restarting the EVE client to do a simple asset transfer” is such an unreasonable thing to ask when “please let me switch characters without closing the client” is one of the most common feature requests. You’re making a huge deal about preserving something that is nothing more than petty frustration for no apparent reason.

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Considering that you can only log into one char at a time you’re going to be logging on and off again anyways.

So when you wardec someone you wardec the corp. The corp has hangars. The hangars and everyone who has access to them are included in the dec.

You want hangars that are excluded from the dec or can be accessed by people outside the dec.

Sure you can get around it, pretty much how you can get around other obstacles with alts. But it should take extra steps.

Keeping corps/alliances a non-trivial matter is much more important than a ‘petty frustration’.

They are the quintessential mechanic for affiliation in eve. And affiliation should mean something.

Keep it in corp. We’re fine. Allow it outside if corp and it’s one less meaningful choice and a cheapening of one of the most important mechanics in eve.

Imagine if decs didn’t need a corp. You just list the people you want to go to war with. Or you wardec on an accounts basis instead.

So when someone wardecs you, they can get their hands on the hangars or why does this matter?

They don’t touch the hangars directly but can shoot anyone who wants to undock with anything from the hangar. The hangar can be ‘locked down’.

Unless they take the extra steps.

I’m guessing my proposed compromise of hangars created within corp based on access permissions isn’t satisfactory…i wonder why.

He’ll probably be wanting to have his skins available to all three characters, too.

No that’d be a great solution for me, as I wouldn’t have to swap between shutdown my game everytime I want to get a modules from my other character. But that works for my case where I have all characters in the same corp.

But still comes down the issue with transfering isk. Would be nice if I could have a common wallet between my accounts or beeing able to withdraw isk from my main account without having to shutdown my client to do so.