Hangar sharing

With the new structures and access lists it would be great if there was a way to share hangars between selected people, or even at an account level. We get 3 characters on an account and its not possible to easily share items.
As an example, 1 account with 3 characters doing PI and you want to hand off the p2 to one of the other characters you need either a second account to trade between or you have to create a contract.

Would be great if there was a way to share the hangar or make bigger secure containers we can anchor in space to share resources.


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Rent a corp hangar? Use “deliver” in Upwell structures? Whats problematic about contracts? You cannot have all 3 chars on the same account logged in simultaneously anyway?

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As much as this has been asked for, if CCP wanted this to happen im sure they would. Look how long it took for them to change the logout option so you can log right back in another toon on the same account.

if corp hangers could be rented by individuals, that might not be a bad option.

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I could imagine that it’s intentional to motivate people to found/join a corp, because being in a corporation with other characers should have some benefits. Why not simply create one for your alts? If you intentionally want them in an NPC corp or different corps to “hide” their associaction with your other chars, well than that naturally comes at the price of less comfort. Seems fair?

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So, in order to gain access to personal corp hangers they’d have to leave their current corp / alliance? I imagine the majority of people don’t have the roles to use hangers for their personal use. And even if they did, there’s the security issue of other people being able to swipe your stuff.

That said, I’d also be ok with the personal “corp hangers” being tied to an “association” that was visible in the character bio and completely distinct from corporations. The association’s only purpose would be for shared hangers and whatever else access lists grant people.

If you want a middle ground between the current anonymity and the prior proposal, you could turn associations into some sort of secret society type thing. So it wouldn’t be visible in the character bio, but CCP would give players tools like locator agents to try to figure out who is part of whatever association the player is trying to investigate. The gameplay around that should be a bit more active than locator agents are though. Not only because the intel is potentially more juicy, but also because it would give players an outlet for their sleuthing desires.

I don’t want a middle ground, I think the current situation is absolutely fine. A contract is made in less than 10 seconds, absolutely theft-safe and the 10k ISK fee is affordable for everyone.

“You” in the general sense… was just tossing it out as an option.

I understand why people want the shared hangers though. Contracts are fine for limited use, but they’re quite cumbersome for repeated use. Imagine if you had to create a contract every time you wanted to change ships or jump systems.

It’s a quality of life change and it doesn’t negatively affect the rest of the payer base at all. (Nor would it take much development time as most of the code is already in the game.)

They all in the same corp, and I am pretty sure my alliance will frown on every multiboxer who wants to make a corp and stand up a structure so they can share items. As an example, if you doing PI with multiple characters, they will each do 1 piece and pass it on to the next character, would be far easier if they had access to a shared location. You could potentially do something with corp hangars, but you will have the same problem, not enough corp hangars for every multiboxer.
This isn’t going to break the game, it just going to make it easier, far less game changing than say an MTU.

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