Shared hangar

hi there

we have a plex department , a deliveries hangar, ship hangar and Item hangar.

I just needed to trade my ship and few mods from and to characters on same account and got an Idea why don’t we have a hangar which is shared between all 3 toons on the same account :slight_smile: I know all toons should be in the same station to use it, but I am lazy to keep contracting stuff between them , corp hangar is not option as each of the toons are NPC / different corporations.

please discuss

If they add the Deliveries hangar to NPC stations, then problem solved.

Shared hangers are a corporation perk, one of the few ones. Giving independent shared hangers would not only devalue being in a corp, but open doors to theft and general confusion/complexity that isn’t really worth it so you can save a few seconds shifting assets between alts.

As @R4d1o4ct1v3 said, adding a ‘deliver to’ function to NPC stations might be one thing that could be added, although you can already do this in a public upwell structure. You could always just move into one right now.

Because the shared hangar that only you and your other two characters on your account can access could steal from each other and then you may become agitated that you stole from you.

he’s talking about you stealing from a corporation public hangar, not stealing from yourself.

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