Shared access hangars

Since citadels have a role system already, why not put in a hangar to which access can be granted by role, for people outside the owning corporation? Handy for allowing friends to pick up ammunition, or replacement ships while battle goes on, or to allow out of corp alts deliver supplies.


There needs to be some advantage to being in a corporation and shared hanger access is one of the few ones corporations currently have. While I do think such a thing might open up some opportunity for creative thefts, I don’t think removing one of the only mechanical advantages of a corporation is a good idea.

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There are already advantages in being in a corporation.
Any corp that needs artificial advantages should probably disband and its members should go and find decent corps.

Some characters need to be in specific corps to carry out certain functions - Red Frog contract alts for example, but with the use of the shared hangar, they could more easily participate in other functions.

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Totally good, idea! I have proposed it myself on the old forums. Here is how i see it.

Advanced Asset Management Tools aka Shared Hangars

Fixing Delivery Service is a must!

by implementing Shared Hangars independent from corporate and personal hangars.

The problem with corporate hangars is people can be excluded from using them, and the matter of fact is, players often use multiple toons, so asset management with current solutions is insufficient and outdated. The trade window is annoying because two toons need to be in the same location at the time of trade, and the Delivery Service is just not enough of an asset management tool, as for contracting it was created as a trading tool, not an asset management tool.

Simple fix: Shared Hangars

  • A player can create/host a Shared Hangar and ADD/REMOVE access to other players. Like a mailing list, just with assets.
  • The items stored in the Shared Hangar would be available to everyone who has access to it, in the location the item was stored.
  • The Shared Hangar could be setup as Localized - only in the station it was created, or Global - the shared hangar will appear in every station/citadel to every member with access.
  • The creator of a Shared Hangar could grant roles to other players.
  • The creator could name the hangar
  • The Shared Hangar would include ships and modules
  • Updating capitals with this feature

With this simple solution managing assets between accounts could stop being a pain, like it’s now. We need it.

PS. And for the love of God, make dragging a player’s name into the Delivery Window possible.


With just Citadels, (since it was mentioned) your alt or out of corp people do not need access to hangars. They can deliver items in a Cit to a specific person free of charge, and yeah sure you would have to dock to get into the personal deliveries hangar but at least the stuff is there and delivered.

That is of course very useful functionality, and I do use it, but sometimes it would be nice to have items available for the unexpected.

Store things in a corporate hangar division. Pull needed things to your personal hangar, then deliver to your friend. Otherwise, go anchor a pos, deploy a station warehouse container, shove crap into it for people to use :smiley:

Also. the hangar will NEVER be anything but localized. The settings for access could be global, but never the contents. Unless there were mass limits, what’s to stop someone from dropping one of these hangars into a keepstar, anchoring a cheap as dirt Raiteru in a forward staging system, and then suddenly undocking in a swarm of supercaps half-way across the galaxy without warning?


firstly, because you do something one way, doesn’t mean everyone else should do it your way.

secondly, answer what I said, not what you invented to comment on.

Should probably be reading your own thread before you snap off a reply based solely on snark. 'sides, isnt my problem if you cant find the current system sufficient for your needs.

Beyond that, your biggest concern should be dealing with security of such a feature as well. How do you know what someone pulled? Was it a fit ship? Packaged? Unpackaged but stripped of it’s fit? If there’s no logging capability, what’s to stop someone from working their way onto that list, and then slowly siphoning off items? Or outright wiping out everything there? Corporations get around this by having a role that allows you to see into your members’ hangars (station role- Security Officer).


“based on snark” - what is yours based on? “I don’t want it so you shouldn’t have it”?

So glad you have all the functionality you need. Why are you here?

I wouldn’t need logging, because I wouldn’t grant access to anyone I didn’t trust. Having said that whether or not logging could be achieved would be an issue for the developers, but inability to log wouldn’t make the feature useless.

I am aware of the ability to see into hangars. I am also aware that it does not allow you to see into containers in hangars, and is therefore not a solution to the issue you raise.

Have this meta hangar cost risk. 5-10 million a month for a hangar or maybe a decent one time charge to start one up.
The size could be limited larger sizes cost more isk. Wow a great way to make Eve more fun to play and suck some isk out of the game.
Heck let players buy hangar subdivisions for isk. Let Corps buy another Hangar
Alliance Hangars!!!
Access rights etc to be able to query and to take out of just like corp hangars now, but for anyone you want or for corps or alliances etc. Let the scamming and stealing commence!
Why not add more wallet tabs at the same time too. Shared Wallets? Personal Wallet Tabs? Saving up for something move some isk to your ‘savings’ wallet etc.

CCPlease Dropbox for Cans!

Shared hangars in structures seems to be a logical option.

Yes, I know Corporations can have Corp hangars. Yes, I know trading can be done between two parties. However, with the introduction of moon mining and refineries, would it not be nice just to roll into a structure with a shared hangar and drop your stuff in there for, as an example, another Alliance Corporation (i.e. a holdings Corp) to pick up?

As for safety, shared hangers, of whatever style they materialise in (if they ever do), could have access list controls on them added in the structure profile browser (i.e. an additional tab for shared hangar access alongside gunner access, market access, clone bay access, etc)

Or at least shared containers. Two friends sharing assets and fittings who are both in the same corp.

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