Shared hangar (idea bump)

As many before me I ask for shared hangar mechanics. In my case it’s mostly for industry alts but I believe the usefulness of this goes far beyond industry.


  1. Create or rent a hangar in a given station/structure, a monthly fee similar to corporate offices can be applied.
  2. Assign an Access Control List(s) to that hangar allowing other characters to:
  • View
  • Use (as blueprint, including research and copy),
  • Take
  • Manage (hangar ACLs, attributes e.g. name)

The hangar would be rented for a character but extending this mechanics to corporations is fine even if little redundant. Someone asked for similar mechanics for fleets (see references below).

The mechanics would be similar to how we now create chats and assign ACLs to these.

The reason to make it separate from corporation sharing mechanism is I want to share industry-related stuff with my alts only while being engaged in a regular corporation with other people and having management roles in that corporation. Besides having access to a lot of blueprints makes industry window slow - that would affect both me and other industrious members of the corporation.


Not exactly the same thing:

Sadly, all those threads, are closed now so I could not bump any of these.


you could have bumped the last one instead of making ANOTHER thread like this…

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Last one is different thing. Close but different.

and if you notice something among all those threads… very very little interaction… this doesn’t need to be in the game…

Create a corporation.
Put all your alts in that corporation.
Hire a corporate office in an NPC station.
Create a set of corporate hangers.

Yes, you have to make an investment of time and rental charges to the NPC station owner (don’t rent somewhere busy: it’s expensive). But there is a mechanism that enables you to do this already.
There’s a lot of side effects to this as well: such as being able to hold things and control things as corporate assets meaning that if another player wants to work with you they can do.

It is quite possible that you didn’t get traction with the initial postings because it was already a “non-issue”.


I have alts in a separate corporation but I can’t have all my chars there because it would prevent me from taking part in a regular corporation, one with actual people.

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Yeah, I too have alts for different activities that I can’t all place in the same corp. Moreover, I remember that when I did try to set up a corporation hangar so that other corp members could use BPO’s, but not take them, it was a total PITA.

As Geo has pointed out, this probably isn’t a major concern for most players. But that doesn’t change the fact that current system sucks.

Anyway, you can try pinging/emailing brisc rubal or mike azariah, but I get the feeling that this issue isn’t going to get a lot of attention as it is. Regardless, if you post a reddit thread, @ me with a link, and I’ll go upvote it over there.
No P2W

This idea again?

No for all the same reasons given over and over in past threads.


An important distinction with the fleet hangar is that they are temporary. It doesn’t allow one person to easily share assets between his alts or store items even over night because once the fleet ends or logs off, everything goes into someones impound or asset safety.

For sharing assets you should really be in a corp.

Maybe name those reasons then.
I do not see other points than “your QoL would be too high”

Again and again.
I can share assets between my alts in 20 seconds and 10 clicks at a cost of 10 k ISK per transaction by creating a contract.
The only difference it makes is removing extra mouse clicks. There is no difference in possibilities, only in grind.
The solution with corporation prevents me from taking part in a normal corpo which take away great point of multiplayer game.

or if the alts are on different accounts, instead of costing 10k isk, do direct trades with your alts.

Use the search tool

The burden of proof is on your side, not on mine. You claim something, you have to prove it.

The burden of forum edict to avoid making redundant posts is on your side.

I mean you already linked a bunch of older posts this idea has been beaten to death already.

Ok, so you have no meaningful points against. Thanks. Claiming somewhere there are some points is not equal to having one.
Did you read those threads I linked ? I did. There is nothing except “people have to click a lot” or some BS about how it will help stealing. If I can have an item on one of my chars account I can have it on another in as many ways as I please.
Subject was not beaten to death. If anything it was ignored to death. I guess it was because the issue applies to a small subset of players who do industry on a larger scale and want to engage in a corporation.
But then again, if the issue does not apply to you why say ‘no’ for the sake of saying ‘no’ ?

I would very much like this, a way to share a cargo container with everyone on an access list. I don’t want to be in a corp with just my alts, but it would make sharing stuff between my indy alts much much easier.

No, the difference is the assets belong to the corp.

So you either aren’t trustworthy or you refuse to join an alliance?

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It makes no sense. What’s the point of forcing me to mix my assets with corp assets. Are you trying to impose communism on me ?
What if there are more than one player with a group of industry alts. Your vision leads to chaos.

No. I come with my own BPC library. Corpo BP library is already big enough to make industry window work slow. Adding my own BP’s would make it even slower.

I do not feel entitled and megalomaniac enough to impose an alliance on anyone in order to accommodate my alts. That’s beyond ridiculous.

Also please read what I wrote in earlier posts. It’s embarrassing to repeat the same information over and over again.

Was it not you that said you wanted to work with others? Or was it just an excuse?

At the end of the day, this is what corps are for. And whilst the game may be alt friendly, it doesn’t need features specifically designed for enabling alts the same way it doesn’t need to cater to solo players.

Either have your own corp and play with others using chat channels/alliance and such. Or ask for your own hangar if at all possible.

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