Manage Assets From Any Character (a la Access Lists?)

With multiple characters, we spend a lot of time logging in to alts just to search for and contract assets to ourselves. If we could create an asset access list that essentially overlaid all of the characters one person plays as, we could search for and make use of any of our characters’ assets from whichever character we are logged in with.

Also, though I’m sure it’s been mentioned, we would like to search and sort assets across location types… if we type in a keyword it should bring up matches in deliveries, contracts, and market orders alike.

Thank you for your consideration

Corp office.

Asset sharing is a corp level feature. Characters sharing assets are rightly affiliated by their corp and sharing consequences is appropriate.

Characters that want to share assets but not be bound by corp mechanics should have to take extra steps.

#make corps great again.


Something similar to this was previously proposed (more general than a corp office)

Further down the thread:

Well yeah, that is kinda the same idea.

I was targeting players, individuals, who are not necessarily in the same corporation but plays a lot together. Or alts of those individuals, that needs to have access to a hangar at some point when the “friend”, is not in that particular station.

My idea is to create a Container (like Station Containers) to which we could apply ACLs for the three basic rights : VIEW / DEPOSIT / TAKE.

This is an idea that would answer to OP’s need prefectly indeed.

We do? I don’t. Then again as mentioned the characters that need to share are in the same corp so I can handle the sharing easily. For searching there are already great OOG resources, such as Jeveassets.

This is the reason many industrial players create their own corporation. Manufacturing and research at scale aren’t practical unless you have a shared hangar or shared containers in a corporate hangar. There are trust issues going both ways if you don’t have your own corporation - after you have been in business for a while you’ll have tens of billions worth of materials in a shared space accessible by any corporate director!

That said, making it more practical for industrial players to be part of larger organizations is a worthwhile objective. Account-wide item hangars are a possibility - that’s how the PLEX vault works - but there are issues if the characters are in different corporations and trying to come up with a workable scheme that would restrict access to characters in the same corporation isn’t as easy as it seems!

Perms can be set so that anyone can copy or even manufacture off of a BPO, but the BPOs themselves are not takeable. (I don’t recommend permitting manufacturing- not in game at the moment but IIRC you can also set up perms so that materials are only accessible via indy and not directly takeable.) This largely address that trust concern.

I did invention and manufacturing for the corp I was in when I lived in Nullsec. The permissions were not trivial. You need factory manager, rent factory slot, rent research slot, access to the hanger with raw material and the delivery hanger plus access to a wallet division to pay the job cost. Working in a POS (before engineering complexes), you’re using different assembly arrays depending on the product and you can’t put stuff in containers. It took a lot of tweaking to make it work!

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