[IDEA] Player Owned Hangar


Reworded :

In stations, you have in Inventory window,

  • The Ship you’re in, or capsule.
  • Ship hangar
  • Item hangar
  • Deliveries hangar
  • Corporation hangar
  • Corporation deliveries
  • PLEX Vault

My idea is to add another one to those :

  • Personal hangar or “Sharable hangar” or “Player hangar” whatever

This hangar could be a service, with a monthly fee, it would not be a default hangar, you’d have to subscribe to have one in a station.
This could be a new kind of “Container” item to assemble and repackageable.

This hangar, would have access rights “view”, “deposit”, “pick”, grantable to players, alliances or corporations. Or only to players, if this is too uch, it’s up to CCP to decide the scope.

This would allow friends, that are not necessarilly in the same corporation to share stuff to one another even if the other is -not in station -not logged in -not playing with this character, etc…

(Also, with Citadels now Anchoring and Disanchoring at a never-seen rate, please reduce repackageable Station Container delay).


You do have a personal hangar in all stations; Corp leaderships can view and drop items into it, if they so choose.

I think you missunderstood my point.
Or i did not explain it well.

I am aware, i certainly hope so, after playing for 6 years, that “Item” in Stations could be called a “personal hangar”.
But it is not.
You cannot give access to this “Item” hangar to anyone you’d wish.

My point, is to create a “Player Owned Hangar”, to which you could grant full access, view access, retrieving access, deposit access, to ANYONE in Eve Online, with an access list, just like Citadels have.

That way, if you wish so, your friends from other corporations, alts, could pick, view, deposit, stuff into it.

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No no; I do get what you mean, but that’s not how structure/station hangars work and nor should they.

No you did not.

Read my edit above.

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It’s already possible with the current mechanics; Direct Trade in station or Contract.


Ok, thanks for your help and wise enlightenment.

If your purpose here is to criticise an idea just for the sake of it.
And not contributing to it.
Please leave.

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It’s called constructive criticism; If you guys a so eager to share your assets with each other, you can always create your own corporation. That way you gain access to Corp hangars which give you those exact features you seek.

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I would not have had this idea if i was not willing to avoid such constrains…
Please… Cmon…

I’ve stated from the first post that my idea was to avoid those…

If you were not a Moderator, i’d reported you for troll, if it were possible…

Please stop ruining my thread.

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The way i see it - it could open a can of worms of possible abuse, especially with your wording of “not limited to corp or alliance”. If you are insistent to share with out-of-corp alts and “friends” - use contracts or direct trades or anchor a cargo container in space and share a password.

What kind of “worms of possible abuse” are you thinking of ?

It sounds rather redundant tbh…no insult intended.

Redundant to what kind of service that already exist ?
Contracts and Trade ?

First post reworded.

Haven’t played in years but can’t you just do contracts for deliveries?

The only (positive)effect i see from the idea if for freighter pilots to pass double-wrapped package or a package with container in it to another hauling character outside of (war-decced)corp. And, imo, things don’t really need to be safer.

Yes you can.

But let’s say you have 100 guns of whatever.
And you have 3 friends that wants some of those guns, but each one a different amount.

Would you rather create 3 contracts, and going through all the steps, splitting your stack, asking your friend how many guns exactly they want, and realising that at the 2nd contract, you need to train “Contracting” skill to be able to do more contracts because you still have 3 contracts outstanding because your 4th friend has not logged yet to accept them, and if you cancel those, the items would be mixed with your stuff, and you’d need to note what was in the contract to redo it again once the 3 contracts that you are trying to make right now are done ?

Or just put the 100 guns in this “Personnal hangar” in order for your friends to just pick how many they want whan they’ll be docked ?


You can already do that with contracts or trade ?
lol ?
It is already possible to counter a WarDec by trading packages from courrier contract to another pilot.
He just needs to go to the destination, and contract it back for ‘you’ to complete it.
Therefore, dual wrapped packkage are completely obsolete.

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OP: I like it.

A one-Corp per character limit sounds like a good idea, but it imposes a few unnecessary and annoying limitations.

Where’s the upside of making it harder for a player to share items with friends or family? Forcing them all to join the same Corp makes no sense if they have different in-game interests and objectives.

OP’s suggestion is simple, useful, and hopefully not too hard to implement.


The other idea around mine would be to create some kind of sub-corporation thing.
A level below Corporations, that i’d call “Gang”, or “Group”, or “Firend Circle”.
A brand new “social entity”.

This entity would have SOME, only some, not all, and certainly not conquering Sov for instance, of the tools accessible by Corporations, in this very case, hangars for instance ( :wink: ).