Multiple Character access rented containers at stations

Many of us dual-box or work with others frequently. it is sometimes vary tedious to trade and impossible if not at the same station, then a contract is needed.

In RL, lockers or even storage areas can be rented and access is given to those who need it. Maybe Eve could add containers or even station warehouses that would work like a corp hanger with the owner configuring access and setting passwords and permissions. Of course the station management / owners can charge rent.

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This has been proposed before. Here is the relevant post from the most recent thread.

This is what corps with offices are for.

CCP has had plenty of time to address this “problem” if they wanted to. What we do have are secure containers that can be anchored in space and accessed by anyone with a bookmark and the password. Catch is, they and their contents will disappear if not accessed for 30 days.

If the people who need access are part of the same corp, they can share a password protected container in a corporate hangar - you will need to trust corp senior management.

This is the reason why many, probably most, industrial players have personal ALT corps to permit unrestricted sharing between their industry characters.

Thanks but you didn’t understand the problem. Please make sure you understand a post before responding by stating the already known. Better to not respond at all.

First of all, if you are in a large corp, it is doubtful they will grant access to anything that others may share (Other than the Free stuff or New member rookie ship handout hangers).
Manufacturing and other Player owned structures don’t have offices anyway. You also would go broke if you rented a corp office at every station you needed to share access at.

Yes, I know all this already. I have a PI alt corp and I cant access their hanger since I am in a very large DIFFERENT corporation. There is no way that My alt CEO can grant access to non members or outside corp members.

Please don’t respond to other’s ideas by stating “Well, that is the way it is”. It is VERY annoying.

Lol ‘problem’.

Sharing assets via a hangar is a higher form of play. Players working together in such a way are a CORPORATION. This is how the game recognises them as working together.

Perhaps it’s better to not post at all if you don’t understand what you’re asking for.

Considering Salts himself would love to see this, says a lot IMO.
If two corps are working together but at the same time separately, why therefore can we not grant access like the ACL list, to stuff in hangars?
We have ACL’s for other stuff in game.

Why is this needed?

and as to RL, in my experience only those that absolutely needed or were part of the same organization got such access as you suggested.

For me I like the slim security you get with Corp Hangars. And ACL’s can be pita.
Also a Station Warehouse “container” is a container that goes into a Corp or Personal Hangar.

Make a corp, allow people to access containers but not remove them, add ppl to your corp, have them give you a container already passworded, drop it in appropriate hangar. Now only you and the person whose name is on it can access said container.

(you do not need this, none of us do Learn to EvE or get Rekt)

If you wanna talk about alliances and alliance hangars then sure.

If you want more hangars that work via ACL’s, then sure. As long as it’s within an organisational structure that is recognised within the game (corp/alliance).

But if you want unaffiliated groups to share assets (i.e. on the ‘down low’) then the way in which they share assets should reflect that.

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